If you don’t know Inner Circle, it’s the dating app that’s for singles that are serious about dating.

People use this app to match for the right reasons, why? Because everyone on the app boasts a well filled out profile that shows off who they really are.

It’s a simple concept, but sharing hobbies, interests and those little quirks that make us who we are leads to stronger connections because you know who you’re matching with.

It saves everyone time, and most importantly is more likely to help you find love.

It’s the app that’s changing dating, for the better.

Should dating be the same as pre-pandemic? It doesn’t have to, and actually that’s no bad thing. With catfishing and ghosting a real issue for online daters, Inner Circle asked their members what they thought about dating in the new normal, and if anything would change.

They found that people are looking to make more meaningful and serious connections with one another, and even suggested that those negative behavioural traits were behind them.

With people spending more time perfecting their profiles, while increasingly matching and swiping, it seems that a mutual respect among daters has become more apparent as people look to apps to help socialise during the pandemic. At least on Inner Circle anyway.

It’s probably because from the ground up, this app believes that dating shouldn’t be taken lightly. That doesn’t mean it’s then boring and cheesy, rather, that everyone involved dates with clear intentions. It keeps everyone on the same page and means the likelihood of you being messed about is pretty much nil.

Inner Circle

It’s selective, but for the right reasons.

Inner Circle screen their members to make sure they are real people who are serious about dating. It’s not a secret door to a secret club. All it means is that the platform is free from spammers, scammers or catfishers because they have a team of experts who search the app for these types of people. It also means anyone who’s behaving badly is blocked as quickly as possible, keeping users from bad experiences.

But they want you to meet in real life.

Despite coronavirus, Inner Circle’s mission is to get as many people together as possible. Whether that’s online, through socially distanced meet-ups or a date, the ethos of this app very much stems from the magic of meeting in real life.

The app is best known for it’s events, festivals, and parties, and although these are on hold right now, the app certainly isn’t. They’ve recently had a new look, a new logo, and a whole new app. Why? If they want you to up your game, they should too.

The year’s over halfway through, so it’s time to start dating again. Single people, it just got serious.

Inner Circle

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