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Intimate photographs of the great and good

 Nadav Kander's photography book The Meeting depicts intimate portraits of the great and good. Check out a selection of his work below 

Desmond Tutu, London, 2004

Many of photographer Nadav Kander’s subjects need no introduction.

What the legendary snapper does introduce to his audience are the feelings and emotions that lie beneath the famous faces.

Delve deeper into the photographer’s world, and those of his subjects, in new book The Meeting.

A collection of his most revelatory images depicting the men and women who have changed the world, this will make you want to be your best self for 2020. 

Check out a selection of the images below...

Nadav Kander – Barack Obama
Nadav Kander – David Attenborough
Nadav Kander – David Lynch
Nadev Kander – Desmond Tutu
Nadav Kander – Thom Yorke
Nadav Kander – David Lynch

The Meeting by Nadav Kander is out in January (Steidl). For more info, see nadavkander.com