Sports athletes spend hours going through rigorous training. So, when they have time off, they look for easy ways to pass the time and have fun.

Athletes often find playing in casinos fun since they are already competitive due to their nature. After all, the games allow them to showcase their skills and beat the house, dealer, or other players.

Lucky for them, playing is not an inconvenience, as reputable sites like williamhill casino are available online. So, they can get a good adrenaline kick, relax their minds, and escape from the stresses of training for a while.

But have sports athletes ever won big in casinos?

Sports athletes winning big at the casino

Michael Jordan

NBA has many legends, but few come close to Jordan. This incredible basketball player had a lucrative career where he wowed many on the court with his skills. Following his retirement, he sought other ways to stay busy, and it was not long before he took up betting. He started slow with golf before making his way to NBA games. But his love for table games caught his attention and that of his fans.

Jordan especially loves Blackjack. This game requires the player to hit 21 or come close to it while beating the dealer without scoring more than 21 (going bust). While players cannot control the cards they get, they can decide whether to hit, stand, double down, surrender, or take insurance. And Jordan's mastery of these rules and strategies has seen him win up to $1,000,000 in the game. Of course, he has won more than that in total over the years, but that win is one for the books.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

People know Mayweather for many reasons. Some know him for his boxing skills; Mayweather is such a renowned boxer that his matches attracted millions of fans coupled with millions of dollars in bets.

But aside from his boxing career, Mayweather keeps busy with other money-making ventures, including fashion and, as you may have guessed, gambling. He has spent millions on sports bets and casino games.

As a seasoned casino patron, Mayweather has walked away with hundreds of thousands of winnings. One of his considerable wins was the $100,000 he bagged in a poker game at Duke's in 2018.

Christiano Ronaldo

This amazing football player has had tongues wagging about his impressive skills from the minute he showcased his football prowess.

And when he's not training with his team or bagging lucrative brand deals, he plays poker, which he has admitted is his source of relaxation.

In one game in 2016 against Aaron Paul, he won over $15,000, which went to the Save the Children Charity. While he did not pocket the money, the win is worth a mention.

Playing like a sports athlete

Are you curious how sports athletes transition so well into casino games, like online slots at Amazon Slots and often win big? It all comes down to following fundamental principles.

The first is to understand the game. Good players take time to learn how a game works before they play it or put any money into it. And since athletes are used to following rules, this is second nature.

Secondly, they start small. They take time to practise the game often before they start making big wagers. This strategic gameplay allows them to understand their strengths and weaknesses before they go for the big wins.

And finally, they have fun with it! If you can abide by these simple rules, you can enjoy casino games much more, too.