The year 2010 was a momentous one for the luxury goods world. Ferrari revealed the 458 Italia, which has underpinned Maranello’s design DNA ever since; Cartier launched its first ever in-house watch calibre; Apple released the iPad, augmenting the way we consume media forever.

And in the fragrances sector, The House of Creed celebrated its 250th anniversary by launching Aventus. This masterful fragrance has since become the number 1 luxury men’s fragrance – and the most successful in the company’s history.

And that’s quite something when your history dates back to the reign of King George III. Indeed, the King himself was fundamental to the company’s foundations. In 1760, the tailor James Henry Creed had a pair of scented leather gloves delivered to the regent.

The scent proved such a success, that it was soon the fragrance du jour for society’s most discerning clientele – a reputation that The House of Creed has maintained ever since.

Empirical formula

Creed Aventus
Creed Aventus

When it came to commemorating two and half centuries at the top of its game, The House of Creed looked to another historical powerhouse to inform its creation.

Aventus was inspired by the life and loves of Napoleon Bonaparte. The French emperor was a renowned aficionado of fine fragrance, using approximately 60 litres a month. He’d even wear cologne into battle. An army may march on its stomach, but Napoleon led with his nose.

Aventus opens up with top notes of apple, pineapple, bergamot and blackcurrant. Next up, the heart of the fragrance delivers juniper berries, patchouli, jasmine and birch. And at the base is a warming combination of vanilla, musk, oakmoss, and ambergris.

If the descriptions resonate with the tasting notes from a fine wine, that's no coincidence. Indeed, Creed refers to its fragrances as ‘Millesime’ quality – translating from the French for a great vintage.

The result of all this hard work is an intoxicating blend that’s as original as it is versatile

Both Olivier and Erwin Creed devote much of their time to sourcing and curating perfume oils around the globe, ensuring they only select the best plants from the best locations.

Just as with wine, the terroir – terrain, climate and growing conditions – all affect the final product, so knowing what to pick from where is all part of the artistry. As is the blending and production process: it’s here where Creed really shines. From weighing to mixing to maceration, almost every step is done by hand using traditional methods.

When it comes to Aventus, the result of all this hard work is an intoxicating blend that’s both original and versatile – working in the heat of summer through to the depths of winter.

Bon anniversaire

Aventus was created by Olivier Creed – a sixth generation direct descendent of James Henry Creed – alongside his son Erwin. Together, this father and son duo created a testament to strength, power, success and – rather symbolically – legacy.

Ten years on, the family brand is commemorating a decade since Aventus’ inception with a new limited-edition bottle.

The anniversary edition is presented in an artfully designed 100ml opaque bottle adopting the classic black and silver colourways the fragrance has become known for.

The new label’s ribbon motif reflects both the brand’s logo and the perfume house’s historic roots as a master tailor.

The end result is a bottle you’ll be proud to keep on your fragrance shelf long after it’s empty.

Of course, this enduring nature is a big part of the Aventus story. Not only the endurance of the company, and the family – but of the scent itself.

Where some fragrances from the fast fashion houses last just a matter of hours, Aventus stays true; it goes the distance. This comes back to the quality of its ingredients and its production.

The House of Creed's infusion techniques date back 4,000 years – long abandoned by mass-market companies as too costly. So it's easy to understand how Aventus leaves a lasting impression.

The actual name is derived from the Latin – a ('from') ventus ('the wind') – it evokes the Aventus man destined to live a driven life, ever galloping with the wind at his back, heading toward success.

If the last decade has shown us anything, it's that Aventus more than lives up to its name.

The limited-edition bottle of Aventus is available exclusively online via and in the Creed Boutique, 99 Mount Street, London, W1K 2TF; 020 7495 1795.

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