Hippodrome Casino describes itself as “The UK’s largest entertainment and casino venue, and its most popular”.

Located in close proximity to the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, this casino boasts six floors dedicated to casino gaming and the other finer things in life.

The casino has been around for over a century and still remains just as enigmatic, lively and electric as ever.

In its vast expanse, Hippodrome Casino boasts an award-winning steak house, a live theatre, eight bars and of late, three of the eight floors offer sprawling outdoor terraces.

Online Casinos are Starting to Dominate

Despite the sheer flamboyance and gluttony Hippodrome offers, it is an undeniable fact that itself and other land-based casinos are starting to lose out on consumers to their online counterparts.

There is no question that the Hippodrome is a bustling and lively venue, but there are somethings that online casinos offer that land-based casinos simply cannot. It is no wonder that many of these land-based casinos are coming out with their own online casino websites in a bid to retain branding and players.

At an online casino, one can access and play games from the comfort of their own home. You don’t have to get dressed and make a meal out of it, you can simply jump out of bed, login to your online casino account and play your favourite games. When gaming at an online casino, players do not have to bother about wait times and long queues, any game they wish to play will load within seconds and thousands of games are available right at the fingertips.

Considering that the vast majority of online casinos are now mobile friendly, one can simply carry around the casino in his or her pocket. Whip out a smartphone and play video slots, table games, card games and more even while on the move. Commuting to work and back can be actually be exciting when you can get a wager in and possible win a good sum of money.

Considering all of these perks offered by online casinos, brick and mortar casinos are looking at inventive ways to recapture market share. The Hippodrome has needed to up its game due to the onslaught of no deposit casinos available online. Bonuses and promotions are yet another massive advantage of playing at online casinos.

While land casinos do have rewards clubs and a few offers here and there, online casinos are chock-full of lucrative bonuses for both new players and existing members.

In recent years, online casinos have also launched a specific type of welcome bonus called the no-deposit bonus where new players get either free spins or some free casino balance that they can use to play a casino game even if they haven’t made a single deposit yet.

These no deposit bonuses are issued simply for signing up. Such ‘too good to be true’ bonus offers at online casinos are yet another attraction for potential players.

Hippodrome Casino Introduces Artificial Intelligence

As we’ve just discussed, it is vital for land casinos to incorporate creative ways to engage their players and get them to keep coming back, especially with online casinos breathing down their necks. Hippodrome Casino, aside from offering swanky restaurants, bars and inviting social settings, has most recently also decided to implement Artificial Intelligence (commonly referred to as AI) to further up their game.

As per reports, Australian company SenSen will implement their Artificial Intelligence solution called Sensor AI at Hippodrome Casino in order to identify bets on the table and collect statistical data which includes, but is not limited to each punters bets, interval between bets, side – bet examination, etc.

This data can then be leveraged by data analysts to gain insight and then improve customer service and the overall player experience. SenSen Chief Executive Officer Subhash Challa confirmed that they are in the process of testing their AI solutions at Hippodrome and several other casinos across the world. He is of the opinion that the testing will materialise into production roll-outs sometime in 2022, considering Covid-19 restrictions are loosening up globally.

Hippodrome Casino and SenSen have settled on a three-year contract on the back of successful testing administered at the casino in the past few months. The fitting of the equipment will get underway now and if all goes as per plan, things should be ready to go by Feb 2022.

Using systems like Sensor AI, a casino like Hippodrome could potentially channel all data collected and present it in the form of a real time dashboard that can be partnered with various casino management backend applications and the casino manager can get live readings of various metrics and in turn make real time tweaks to operations to enhance bet flow based on player statistics.

The Sensor AI solution is certainly not a one trick pony. It does have an application at casinos, but that is certainly not its be-all-end-all. It is already being used in places such as Las Vegas and Chicago to read automobile license plate numbers to improve parking enforcement automation. In Singapore, the same AI solution is already being used to ease traffic jams effectively since February 2020.