When discussing the all-time great boxers, it is easy to name the legends: Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather Jr… However, there is one boxer that does not get the credit he's due, and that is Joe Calzaghe.

Regardless of this unblemished record, he has not been given the recognition he deserves.

Calzaghe was active for more than a decade and was crowned the world champion in two weight categories. He was a technical fighter and incredibly determined in the ring, making him a force to be reckoned with.

However, he never became as famous as some of his peers. For those interested in the latest boxing odds, it’s worth noting how his career stats could have influenced betting landscapes today.

Joe Calzaghe’s Career Achievements

Joe Calzaghe amassed an impressive array of achievements throughout his career. He is known for his tenacity and skill in the ring. Here are some of his highlights:

  • Longest Reigning WBO Super Middleweight Champion: Held the title for more than a decade and defended it 21 times.
  • World Champion in Two Weight Categories: Dominated the super-middleweight and light-heavyweight divisions.
  • Undefeated Record: Finished his career with a perfect record of 46 wins.
  • Resilience in the Ring: Known for his ability to recover from knockdowns and win matches by unanimous decision
Joe Calzaghe for Square Mile

The rise of a champion

Calzaghe was born on 23 March 1972 in Hammersmith, London, but grew up in Wales. He is inarguably one of the most outstanding fighters of his country – and his generation. He holds the record as the longest reigning WBO super middleweight champion, having defended his title against 20 opponents

Calzaghe began to capture titles at the beginning of 1997 when he beat Chris Eubank for the WBO super-middleweight title – a major highlight against one of the sport’s biggest personalities.

However, Calzaghe is never really considered when people list the best boxers in history. Some people believe he never met a real challenge. However, he stopped Chris Eubank, Jeff Lacy, Bernard Hopkins, Roy Jones Jr and many others, which seems challenge enough to us.

Memorable Victories: Unmatched Skills and Resilience

Joe Calzaghe is given credit as a lion-hearted fighter with the readiness to step up in class against top-class opponents. The fights he had against Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr. were very memorable.

The fight against Hopkins is considered one of the greatest. Calzaghe bounced back against Hopkins despite being knocked down in the first round by Calzaghe. He was able to get up and go on to win the match by a unanimous decision. When fighting Roy Jones Jr., Joe was dropped in the first round but recovered well and remained dominant and in control, something that was reflected in the judges' scorecards as he outclassed Jones.

Throughout his career, his style in boxing was efficient. However, the fighter proved himself to be courageous and tenacious when things weren’t going his way: he infamously knocked Robin Reid out with a single punch after having his right hand broken in the fight.

The underrated champion

Joe Calzaghe is one of the greatest fighters of all time. He truly epitomizes the spirit of an unbeaten champion. Though undeniably a genius in the ring, he has generally been underappreciated, especially in the United States.

However, his records speak for itself. He had been a champion for most of his career and knocked out many of his opponents. As a result, it would be safe to conclude that he is among the best boxers ever to have graced the ring.

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