Since being drafted by the Chiefs with the 10th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Class, Patrick Mahomes has taken the league by storm and is now widely regarded as the top superstar talent featured in the NFL today and as a future all-time great that may topple several other legendary QBs scattered throughout league history.

Entering the 2023/24 NFL campaign, Mahomes is the reigning regular season MVP recipient as well as being named as the MVP of the Superbowl LVII contest between the Chiefs and the opposing NFC juggernauts in the Philadelphia Eagles, with Mahomes inspiring his squad to a 38-35 victory netting him his second championship ring and the third in franchise history.

With Mahomes continuing to establish himself as the top star in the NFL today and still at such a young age, fans are already expecting the prestigious QB to lead his Chiefs back to even more postseason success which is dubiously merited in the latest Super Bowl betting odds, with Kansas City ranked as the favourites to win another Lombardi trophy at +600 outrights.

To maintain this absurd level of production on the field, the superstar QB has since stuck to a very strict and specific routine in his workout and diet which has paid off in dividends judging by the fact that Mahomes has already carved out a future first ballot Hall of Fame career at just 27 years of age.

For anyone wondering, this is a full rundown of how Patrick Mahomes operates to maintain his physical gifts and mental fortitude before a major footballing contest:


If you tuned into Netflix’s new series titled ‘Quarterback’ you would be given a pretty strong idea of what drills Mahomes often partakes in whenever he is in the gym.

A usual daily routine for Mahomes often starts in the early hours of the morning from which he will begin a physical workout or therapy session to get him ready for the day ahead.

Mahomes will then return later in the day for a recovery session which mainly includes a mixture of an ice bath, sauna, hot tub, stretching exercises and massages.

The QB does enjoy spending time with his friends and loved ones which is often why he prefers to get his daily workout done in the morning before returning for a later recovery session which prevents Mahomes from suffering or further aggravating any lingering injury woes, a factor that has been very successful as he has barley suffered any major setbacks during the first few years in the NFL whilst playing.

Mahomes will often up his training regime to a much more drastic approach during the season or before a major contest which can include several hours dedicated to gym work in the buildup to a football game with these routines often being focused around several core strength and throwing exercises as well as footwork.

Patrick is able to motive himself to continue to perform in such rigorous drills due to his genetics and overall strong work ethic as professional sports have run through his family genes for generations, as his father was previously a baseball pitcher in the MLB with numerous established franchises.


Alongside a strict training regime, Mahomes also follows a dietary plan that is sophisticated and caters to his needs to maintaining a physical stature that is built for the NFL level of play.

On average, Mahomes will consume roughly four to five meals a day which can include two sperate dinners that are spread out to ensure that he is not eating a considerable amount at a specified time.

While Mahomes has often stated that he cannot resist ketchup as his favourite condiment with most of his meals, he still maintains a firm stance over which foods are adequate for his needs as an athlete.

These often include proteins such as chicken or salmon as well as fruits that include strawberries, oranges and apples.

Some of Mahomes’ cheat meals can include steak, macaroni and cheese and maybe a fast food burger if he’s feeling particularly peckish, with (you guessed it) plenty of ketchup served on the side.

So far the results have been nothing short of a huge success since Mahomes began taking this dietary plan during his earlier years in the NFL, with the two-time league MVP often expressing how reinvigorated he feels in his abilities to perform in front of the global NFL fanbase since sticking to this scheme.

Overall, Mahomes continues to follow a very specific set of routines and drills that go into maintaining his physique and his generational play as a QB, meaning that whenever he is not throwing dimes to Travis Kelce in the endzone, Mahomes is aiming to retain his status as the best in the game today by regularly working out and consuming a respectable intake of foods and beverages on a daily basis.