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Iain Anderson

Iain Anderson

Political Editor

Iain Anderson is co founder and chief counsel at Cicero Group. He has worked with a range of politicians, as well as advising FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies on policy. He is Square Mile's political editor. 

Iain Anderson's articles

Conservative party members will choose our next PM – but who are they?

It’s the first time ever that Conservative party members alone will select the new Prime Minister. So, what exactly do we know about them?

The wasted promise of Theresa May

Executive chairman of the Cicero Group Iain anderson looks back at Theresa May’s troubled tenure at Number Ten – and the legacy that could have been…

Can The Independent Group offer an alternative to two-party politics?

Seven Labour MPs have resigned from the party and formed an 'Independent Group' – pledging an alternative to Corybn's Labour and May's Conservatives. Will this audacious move work?

Will Donald Trump survive a Democrat Congress?

Nancy Pelosi is Speaker, the Democrats own Congress – what does it mean for Donald Trump and the USA?

Does Jeremy Corbyn even want to be PM?

After outperforming expectations in the 2017 General Election, Corbyn appears to have retreated into a hard-left comfort zone. How much does he want the top job?

The rising stars of Westminster

There’s a whole host of rising stars waiting in the wings at Westminster, and they will be integral in shaping the future of the two main parties, says Iain Anderson

The government can't let itself be paralysed by Brexit

Enough’s enough – it’s time for the government to re-focus and shift attentions to issues other than Brexit so the UK can move forward

How might Chancellor McDonnell affect the City?

Should Labour triumph in the next election, John McDonnell is likely to become the new Chancellor. Iain Anderson explains what that could mean for the City

From Brexit to diversity, Nicky Morgan is asking all the right questions

Chair of the Treasury Select Committee Nicky Morgan means business and is asking all the right questions – and this is a very good thing indeed

Angela Merkel is Europe's great survivor

Angela Merkel has maintained her position in office for 12 years, and shows no signs of going anywhere. Iain Anderson takes a look at how she’s done it

The City should not underestimate John McDonnell anymore

John McDonnell isn’t letting prior controversial comments impact his bid for success, and that’s why it’s time to take note of his actions

Will the rise of young voters continue?

There’s been a shift in politics, and the divide is no longer social class, it’s age. Iain Anderson explains why young voters are currently more influential than ever

French election: where should your money go?

All eyes are currently on the French election, and particularly candidate Marine Le Pen

Iain Anderson on the EU Neverendum

The EU Referendum is planned to go ahead by the end of 2017, and Square Mile's political editor Iain Anderson delves into what he thinks the lead up will be like.