Karen Ann Overton

Karen Ann Overton


Karen Anne Overton has been a songwriter and model, but recently moved into journalism. She left London for the seaside in order to focus on the finer things in life: shih tzus, books and wine. For Square Mile, she interviews some of the biggest names in Hollywood on what life is like in front of the lens.

Karen Ann Overton's articles

Pharrell Williams: audience with a musical genius

Fashion designer, philanthropist, innovator and movie producer… There’s not much Pharrell Williams can’t do. but at the heart of it, music still makes his world go round

Charlie Hunnam Interview | The Sons of Anarchy star talks King Arthur

Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam swaps shotguns for swords in Guy Ritchie’s reimagining of King Arthur. He shares his thoughts on fighting, missing out on Fifty Shades

Tom Hiddleston: Thinker, Soldier, Taylor, Spy?

He’s intelligent, handsome, can wield a firearm expertly onscreen and has a reputation for bedding beautiful women. But does British actor Tom Hiddleston really have what it takes to be James Bond?

Bryan Cranston on chasing girls, catching criminals and Power Rangers

As undercover customs agent Robert Mazur, television's most famous drug lord is switching sides but returning to the criminal lifestyle. Bryan Cranston talks new film The Infiltrator, joining drama class to meet girls and, yes, Breaking Bad

Liam Hemsworth on Independence Day, what's next and his famous brothers

Liam Hemsworth talks to Square Mile about Independence Day: Resurgence, his relationship with pop star Miley Cyrus and moving on from The Hunger Games