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Rebecca Adlington: "There was a period of my life when I said no to everything"

The inspirational Rebecca Adlington on her triumphs in the swimming pool, drowning out the trolls and using therapy to conquer her anxiety

Sir Andrew Strauss: "Life and death are inextricably linked"

Former England captain Sir Andrew Strauss talks about his cricketing career and the impact of losing his late wife, Ruth

Reginald D Hunter: "I used to try and distract myself from my invasive thoughts"

Comedy legend Reginald D Hunter might be the coolest man in the business. He's not bad at introspection, either – which makes him a great fit for our latest Square Mile Moments

Daniel Howell: "I felt like a complete fraud"

YouTuber, comedian and mental health advocate Daniel Howell talks sexuality struggles and the joy of performing in the latest Square Mile Moments

Ricky Whittle: "I thought, do I want to continue acting?"

Actor Ricky Whittle is the next guest on Square Mile Moments. He discusses nearly quitting acting, the inspirational Terence Maynard, the happiest moment of his life and much more – listen to the full conversation below

Jenson Button: "Dad's words stuck with me throughout my career"

Welcome to Square Mile Moments – a new podcast series in which guests talk about the moments that forged their lives and careers. First up, former Formula 1 champion Jenson Button