Rob Gardner

Robert Gardner

Co-founder, Rebalance Earth

Robert Gardner is a money expert, entrepreneur, and financial activist on a mission to make money a force for good for people and the planet to create 'financial wellbeing in a world worth living in'. In 2006, Rob shook up the UK's pensions market with the launch of Redington. Now a leading investment consultancy whose mission is to create financial wellbeing for 100 million people in a way that protects the planet's future.

In 2012, Rob co-founded RedSTART, a financial education charity which aims to plant the seeds for the financial freedom of young people.

Having studied Geography at the University of Oxford, Rob's love of glaciers and passion for the planet's prosperity have heavily influenced his role in financial services. Responsible investment and using his position and expertise to drive better businesses for the earth and its people was a crucial part of his previous role as St. James's Place's (SJP) Director of Investments. In addition, Rob is a member of the World Economic Forum and sits on their retirement council.

Rob is now a co-founder of Rebalance Earth, whose goal is to make money a force for good to help reverse climate change and biodiversity loss. By creating high-integrity biodiversity credits. That puts a monetary value on nature based on its ability to absorb carbon, protect, and grow biodiversity, and support local communities that preserve it. Companies buy these credits as the most effective, quick, and verifiable way of being nature positive and achieving net zero.

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