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Robert Piper

Robert Piper


Robert Piper is a freelance writer who covers entertainment, pop culture, and health. His writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, Radius, Edge, Live Happy, Origin. – and Square Mile, obvs. 

Robert Piper's articles

Casey Affleck interview: Ben's little brother is ready to step into the spotlight

Casey Affleck has been in the film industry for more than 20 years, but has often found himself in the supporting role. Meet a man who’s finally ready to step out into the spotlight

Jack Huston talks Boardwalk Empire, Ben-Hur and the pressure of a famous name

With a family of Oscar winners, you might think Jack Huston would feel a bit of pressure to live up to his famous name. Not even a little – which is fortunate, considering he's the latest frontrunner to be the next James Bond

Alexander Skarsgård on The Legend of Tarzan and taking his clothes off

Alexander Skarsgård’s turn as Tarzan is sure to ignite considerable excitement, says Robert Piper, who finds that the native swede took preparations for his African adventure very seriously indeed…

Jeremy Piven on his return as Mr Selfridge, playing money men and his love for London theatre

As Jeremy Piven returns to our screens as the founder of one of London’s most iconic stores in ‘Mr Selfridge’, he tells Robert Piper of his admiration for the roguish head of retail, and why a career in acting was always inevitable