Boil it down to its essence and there are only two types of shoppers.

You’ve got the Faffers: they’ll walk around countless stores searching for the *perfect* pair of jeans, wasting hours going back and forth, poring over each model as if making the wrong call could bring forth armageddon… before returning to buy the first pair they saw, tired, and still a little doubtful they’ve made the right choice.

Then you’ve got your Bloodhounds: laser-focused consumers who know exactly where to sniff out whatever it is they’re looking for. Annual shopping time probably racks up at less than an hour in total, such is their prodigious expedience, but they get the job done all the same.

Sure, you have your impulsive buyers, sales divers, and shopaholics too but, really, most of us fall into one of those two categories. But what’s the correlation? Well, both can be improved by the presence of a personal shopper.

Yes, we know, the personal shopper experience is a little The Devil Wears Prada but, ultimately, whether you’re usually in and out as quickly as possible, or take a whole day to purchase a single item, who better to ask than the experts when it comes to looking your best this season?

Fortunately for you, we’re offering one lucky individual the chance to enjoy a personal shopping appointment at Tommy Hilfiger’s flagship UK store on Regent Street – and we’re even throwing in £250 to spend while you’re there.

Tommy Hilfiger is the quintessential preppy American brand, blending collegiate chic with old-school Americana, but to look at its Regent Street store (which underwent significant renovations in 2017) is to view the store of the future.

It features huge interactive screens and a customisation bar where customers can virtually browse and purchase hundreds of items without even walking round the store, while changing rooms are fitted with RFID (radio-frequency identification) that recognise what items you’ve brought in and suggest styling options via the fitted smart mirrors. It's pretty impressive stuff – even for the ever-jaded Millennial shopper.

Still, Tommy Hilfiger might be one of the most tech-savvy brands on Regent Street, but you can’t beat the personal touch – so this awesome prize will give you the best of both worlds.

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Tommy Hilfiger personal shopping competition
Tommy Hilfiger personal shopping competition

The question is: In what country does Tommy Hilfiger originate?

Competition closes: 31st October 2020

By entering the competition, it is deemed that the entrant accepts the terms and conditions stated below.

No purchase necessary.

Prize cannot be exchanged for cash equivalent.

Prize is not transferable.

One entry per person, no bulk or third-party entries, unless the rules of the competition state so.

No responsibility can be taken for any lost or delayed entries.

Winner must be over 18 years of age.

The winner will be chosen by random and will be notified by email.

The winner will need to confirm acceptance within 7 days of being notified. If the winner does not confirm acceptance within this timeframe, the promoter has the right to pick another winner.