Square Mile produces a variety of content with funding from external parties. These sources of revenue allow us to explore topics that we hope are of interest to our readers. The presentation of the content makes clear how the content has been commissioned and produced, and who has funded it.

One of three labels will appear on this content: ‘In association with’, ‘Promotion’, or ‘In collaboration with’.

In association with

‘In association with’ is used to describe editorially independent content. We accept funding from third parties both for new projects and for content we are already producing. Before funding is agreed with a client, relevant senior editors are consulted about its suitability and the editorial director has the final say on whether a funding deal is accepted. A client whose branding appears on editorial content may have a role in suggesting what kind of topics are covered, but the commissioning editor is not obliged to accept ideas from the funder. The content is written and edited by Square Mile journalists, or those approved by Square Mile, to the same standards expected in all of our journalism. Square Mile will not show copy to funders for approval.


‘Promotion’ is used to describe advertisement features that are paid for and controlled by the advertiser rather than the publisher – and are subject to regulation by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK, the Federal Trade Commission in the US, the Advertising Standards Bureau in Australia and Advertising Standards in Canada. The core of this content is provided by the third party; Square Mile journalists then position this in a way they believe to be of most interest to their audience.

In collaboration with

‘In collaboration with’ refers to branded content where the Square Mile editorial team and a third party collaborates on content creation. Guidance will be given by a third party; execution and delivery will be carried out by Square Mile.