If there’s one thing the success of superhero films has proved it’s that we’re all big kids at heart.
However, as much as you might love to wear a superman tie or have a Batman poster hanging behind your desk, you might struggle to retain the respect of your colleagues when you’re trying to explain the budgetary constraints of the next quarter.
But thanks to Caran D’Ache there is a subtler, more sophisticated way to show your allegiance to the Justice League. To celebrate the release of the latest installment from the DC Entertainment franchise, Caran D’Ache has created a number of special edition pens inspired by its iconic super heroes.
Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are the new Warner Bros film’s superstar trinity – and there’s one limited edition pen (in both roller and fountain) for each character.

To represent the details of the Batsuit, the craftsmen at the Geneva-based company engraved the writing instrument with extreme precision and applied a translucent black lacquer with a satin finish. The body and cap feature the same distinctive chevron pattern of his breastplate, giving the writing instrument an armoured look. The two ends of the writing instrument are smooth and a black satin lacquer has been delicately applied to resemble Batman’s leather boots and gloves, while the pen ring is reminiscent of the hero’s utility belt. The writing instrument is available as a roller or fountain pen. Completely black, the finishes are coated in non-corrodible black ceramic. The 18-carat gold-plated nib on the fountain pen has been coated in a thin layer of ceramic, too.

Inspired by Superman

Using various combinations of engravings and dense, blue satin-finish lacquer overlays, the Caran D’Ache craftsmen have reinterpreted the metallic appearance and scaly texture of the iconic red and blue suit on the body and cap of the writing instrument. The extremity of the body is coated in dark red lacquer and features an engraving inspired by Superman’s boots. The writing instrument’s gold-plated ring is reminiscent of the hero’s belt. All the finishes are decorated in highly polished 18-carat yellow gold.

Inspired by Wonder Woman

The final pen of the trinity is finished with a bold, graphic engraving and coated in a translucent burgundy lacquer reminiscent of Wonder Woman’s boots. The lacquer coating on the cap also features Wonder Woman’s legendary red colour and the tip has a metallic, raw silver finish inspired by her indestructible gauntlets.
The writing instrument’s brightly polished rose gold-plated ring is reminiscent of the icon’s belt.
All the finishes are brightly polished and plated in 18-carat rose gold.

Prices are £1,500 each for the fountain pens. £4,500 for the box set of 3.
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