Festibowl, in association with St Germain, is more than “pensioners playing in white suits” at struggling bowling clubs on Saturday mornings. The likes of Bounce, Swingers and Flightclub are thriving and competitive corporate socialising is more popular than ever. What Festibowl offers is the chance to play a retro sport under the glare of the summer sunshine and watchful eye of three times Commonwealth gold medalist Ellen Falkner and her team at Aerobowls. The concept is simple - people play lawn bowls in a unique event space, grab a drink, a bite to eat, all while listening to the latest music from popular DJs. 

Food and drinks are most certainly allowed on the green, with Barefoot Wine and Chalana Steak Wrap on hand to keep you hydrated and well-nourished over the course of the three days. If that’s not enough then the bright, colourful weatherproof event space is bound to keep everyone interested (and dry!) When the light fades and the beats quieten, bowlers are invited to the Barsmith Bar, situated within striking distance of Finsbury Square in the heart of the city, for a post-game afterparty.

Tweed and red cords optional.

Corporate - £45 ( Bowls, 2 drinks, 1 meal from the street food vendors, team photos, prizes and 2 for 1 on cocktails all night at the after party)
General bowling – £25 (Bowls and 2 for 1 on cocktails all night at the after party)

To book, go to festibowl.co.uk

To follow go to #FestibowlLDN