In support of the Londinium season, a three month series of events which brings London’s Roman heritage to life, London's street artists are taking to the City to create modern art with a historical twist.

Renowned street artist RUN, who helped catalyse the European street art movement and the modern muralism renaissance, has been commissioned by the City of London Corporation to create a unique site-specific piece of work.

Choosing to combine the Romans' love of graffiti with a modern message which reflects Sadiq Khan's 'London is Open' message, the end result is an artistic clash of the capital's colourful past and resilient present.

The site RUN has chosen was built around AD200 and formed part of London Wall, London’s protective defence from the Roman period until the Middle Ages. It was also a key factor in determining the shape and development of the City.

Today, instead of warding off foreign invasions, it's launching a  creative charge of its own on the capital's leading business hub. 

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