IN LATE JUNE, we’ll be opening a brand-new fine wine shop in the historic Royal Exchange right in the heart of the City.

Over the past couple of years, Oeno has made a name for itself by sourcing impossibly rare wines from cult producers as well as offering industry-leading wine investment services. OenoHouse has been in the pipeline for a long while, but as with so many things Covid-19 hit the pause button on our plans. From this summer, though, we’ll finally have the opportunity to share our love of fine wine with everyone in our new home.

Inside the boutique, visitors will be able to purchase iconic wines including rare bottles from top wineries like Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, Henri Jayer, Chateau Margaux, and Penfolds.

will be able to buy wine directly from our extensive stock list of over 700 labels. Our wine team has been working tirelessly over the past few months to compose this selection which has been carefully chosen to include both blue chip wines and more accessible bottles that offer amazing value. Choosing which wines to include has been a herculean task, and we will be regularly adding new wines to keep our list fresh and current.

A unique feature of OenoHouse that I personally love is that visitors can also select a bottle from our wine list to drink on our terrace for a modest service charge.

I’ve been in the fine wine world for many years now, including an eight-year stint at Harrods in their iconic wine and spirits department.

That’s why I’m so passionate about making fine wine accessible to as many people as possible, and with OenoHouse we’re trying to overcome the image of fine wine as stuffy, traditional, and elitist.

I hope that by offering our wines to enjoy on our terrace at a very fair price, our guests will be encouraged to try something special that they may not otherwise have chosen.

OenoHouse is the first fine wine shop in London to boast an all-female team

I’m also very proud of the fact that OenoHouse is the first fine wine shop in London to boast an all-female team. When hiring for the team, we received applications from a variety of candidates, and I’m delighted to say we had many very talented applicants of various nationalities and genders.

There are now more women than ever before working in the wine industry, something that is also helping to make the fine wine world more and more accessible to everyone. Oeno is a strong supporter of equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace, and our head office is always buzzing with more than five or six languages being spoken at any given moment.

Oeno’s global outlook leads me on to one final point – the future of OenoHouse. Once OenoHouse London is up and running, we’ll be focusing our attention on Miami where we plan to open a second OenoHouse in 2022. After that venues in Venice and St Moritz are likely to be next. Watch this space!

OenoHouse will be opening to the public 13 July.