The motto at Spring Green is “Eat Beautifully”, perhaps inspired by the rather glamorous clients fed by them Monday to Friday.

This food delivery service, based in London, focuses on botanical superfoods delivered straight to your door for a 3-to-5 day programme promising radiance and wellness.

Gratifyingly, Spring Green believes weekends should be enjoyed eating meals with friends and family so this is a programme to fit around your workweek. We test drove three days of beautiful eating.

What’s the story?

Spring Green was founded by Londoner Bonnie Stowell, a chef who trained under Michelin-starred Matt Tomkinson. As well as a natural interest in making wholesome food for her glamorous client base, which includes Millie Mackintosh and Laura Bailey, her food journey was also informed by helping her father adjust his diet after a diabetes diagnosis.

Her belief in the power of food to transform people’s health means that the focus is on recipes that boost wellness and vitality (as well as looks).

The Cleanse

There are three Botanical Radiance Superfood Programmes to choose from: plant-based, light protein and active protein. With each menu you get: breakfast, lunch, dinner, infused botanical beauty water, a daily detox juice, and a boosting super snack. Recipes included green curry with edamame for dinner, and beet and kale bowls for lunch.

Spring Green

It’s certainly on the lighter side of what you might eat in a day but leaves you feeling like you’ve shed some weight and water by the end, and lived by the nutritionist’s maxim to treat food like medicine. The evening meals tend to be heated, so you finish the day on a warm and heartier note.

The Effects

Lighter and brighter. It’s a good one to kickstart weight loss and get you thinking about how to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. The focus with their ingredients is also on beautifying, so expect to see a glow in your skin. Definitely take it easy the week you do this - we recommend no vigorous exercise, perhaps some morning yoga.

How much?

Menus are from £36 per day.

What comes next?

You get the feeling that Spring Green may in fact be a lifestyle, not a one-off, for most of their busy clients. However, it works just as well for a seasonal cleanse; but remember to wean off it in a logical way with a slow introduction of old habits. Try sticking to Stowell’s advice on having a vegetable-packed week followed by a more sociable weekend of eating.

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