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James Bond's Land Rover Defender Bigfoot for Spectre

A first look behind the scenes of new 007 flick Spectre reveals a limited edition Land Rover that's such a military beast, it'll make your standard Defender look more Colin Bond than James Bond.

As the name suggests, the Defender Big Foot is bloody massive. It's been modified to feature 37-inch off-road tyres that'll tackle extreme terrain. Plus, there's bespoke suspension and enhanced body protection, to make sure Bond stays safe when the bad guys are after him or the Waitrose car park's particularly busy.

Aside from Mr Bond, it remains to be seen whether the Big Foot will be available to buy commercially. If it is, we'll take ten. Plus five tanks, a few missile launchers and a Chinook. You can never be too careful.

For more information, visit landrover.com