If anyone figured Bugatti’s departure from the VW Group would lead to a decline in standards, the marque has done more than enough to convince us it’s business as normal.

Of course, ‘normal’ for Bugatti is not the same as for most car brands. The new Bolide will pack – wait for it – 1,824bhp and 1,364lb ft of torque. That means a 0-60mph time of 2.17 seconds and a top speed of 310mph.

Now, mind-blowing power and speed from Bugatti is nothing new. Indeed, one criticism that has been levelled at the brand is that its cars are too heavy to be worth their salt around the track. Something tells us this will not be an issue for the Bolide.

For starters, it’s shed 755kg over the Chiron frame it’s based on. Then there’s the downforce: at 198mph, it’s capable of 1,800kg from the rear wing and 800kgs from the front. That’s the weight of a fully grown hippopotamus… one that’s capable of pulling nearly 3g around a hairpin.

One thing you can’t see from this image is the rear, which is essentially a giant ‘X’.

This is ostensibly for aerodynamic purposes, but – alongside the headlights – is also a cap doff to the Bell X-1 flown by Chuck Yeager in 1947.

He was the first man to break the speed barrier – a man who pushed the limits of physics. Much like the Bugatti Bolide.

For more information, see bugatti.com