Furniture can make or break your home. A common mistake is leaning too heavily on the fashions of the moment – requiring you to redo the whole interior within a year after you realise those white metal dining chairs stain very easily and are incredibly uncomfortable to boot.

Equally, don’t fall into the trap of going for something a little, shall we say, ‘funky’; yes, a pink coffee table shaped like a donut will get some laughs from your guests but the novelty quickly wears off and countless mugs will fall through the hole in the middle.

The smart option – the only option – is opting for the tried and true, the timeless. Don’t believe take our word for this: mid-century modern design is having a resurgence across the UK and Europe. Think vintage pieces in solid wood, boasting clean, often curved, simple lines in warm-toned teak or oak wood hues. This design evolved as a response to a post-World War II environment, leaving behind ornate fripperies for functionality that didn’t compromise on style.

We’re talking low low coffee tables, statement storage pieces and minimalist sideboards – all easy additions to a room to bring a flavour of the 1950s to any interior. Fishe & Lilly's Mid-Century Modern collection is a celebration of the period, crafted from solid cedar wood and mahogany.

Founded by a husband-and-wife duo, Fishe & Lilly is a family-owned and run business on a mission to supply homes with beautiful and unique furniture. The Mid-Century Modern collection has been handmade using only sustainably sourced wood. It’s simple, it’s classy, it’s timeless.

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