How did you become an artist?

Since I was young I have always been connected with art. It was the one thing that drew me in and I spent all my time, every day, thinking about. I studied philosophy at university and that encouraged my art thinking even more. My first solo show at the Saatchi Gallery opened lots of doors internationally and helped me develop my practice.

Tell us about the fashion connection...

Before I became an artist, I created a fashion brand. I wanted to make a spoof fashion, art and music crossover, a pop world vehicle mixing the elements.

Favourite design?

My boldest design is probably the Urinal dress inspired by Duchamp. I also turned Rita Ora into a Swiss cheese for a concert.

Career highlight?

The highlight of my career so far is fully becoming a lobster! My lobster character represents the actualisation of my creative persona – and with that, freedom. Freedom is something I champion. I believe that anything is possible and we all have it in our power to do anything. One of the downsides of my artistic practice though is thinking too much.

Future ambitions?

I love collaborations. I am doing lots in Asia but can’t announce what just yet. I’m also working on a cartoon platform for my character, and a VR project. In the UK, I’m doing another watch with Bamford Watch Department which I’m excited about. I have a museum show in Shanghai currently. There is so much energy there, a place where lobsters can dream…

New Paintings by Philip Colbert will run from 14 December-15 January 2019 at the Saatchi Gallery.