A family-run vineyard in the far Eastern corner of Napa Valley and surrounded by Wilderness natural park, Cervantes Family Vineyards are dedicated to delivering gorgeous and complex cabernets with tremendous potential as they age.

The family itself comprises proprietor Xavier, his wife Cecilia and their three children, Jeronimo, Ana and Ximena.

It took seven long years before Xavier found his perfect vineyard to grow wines. He searched far and wide for properties in Mendoza, Argentina, in France, in Walla Walla, Washington State before discovering a large, beautiful ranch on the stunning southernmost end of Pope Valley, in Napa.

Working alongside Xavier is renowned winemaking icon Andy Erikson who’s worked with several of the big names in Napa, including Screaming Eagle, Maya Dalla Valle and Mayacamas.

Erikson’s extraordinary winemaking talent, combined with Pope Valley’s reputation as Napa’s last frontier for winemaking, has laid the foundation for Cervantes Family Vineyards to become the future superstars of the Valley.

Cervantes Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

But it’s not just for wine Cervantes is respected. “Our vision is to share what the land gives us,” says Xavier. “We also have olives, fruit trees, and honey; we try to do a lot of what the land allows us to do while really honouring the land.”

Xavier has renamed the 1,100-acre vineyard ‘Hine Ranch’, an old English name said to mean ‘farm manager’. The word ‘hine’ also means ‘keeper of the deer’, referring to the great number inhabiting the surroundings.

The vineyard produces mainly cabernet sauvignon but also tempranillo and sauvignon blanc. For years, the Cervantes sold grapes to various producers, but after much encouragement from friends and family to make their own wine, in 2015, they produced their very first Cervantes Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon. Xavier says, “When we did the first release of 2016, straight away, we received 98 points from Robert Parker. We’ve been blessed in the sense that we’re sold out every year when we release.”

Cervantes wines are primarily sold on allocation prior to official release. The family managed to position their wines at such an esteemed level that from early on, they had to start building a waiting list to manage demand.

The winery’s logo is made up of every member of the Cervantes family’s initials, topped off with a crown highlighting the importance of the family unit and their dedication to their vineyards.

For Cervantes Family Vineyards, community and family are at the heart of everything they do. “My main objective is to share what we do and create a legacy for our children,” Xavier explains.

“We want to represent our values, support conservations for generations to come and build something that can last for centuries.” 

To explore a selection of Cervantes Family Vineyards wine, head to Oeno House, The Royal Exchange, Unit 16-17, EC3V 3LL. See more at oenogroup.com