1. Villa Rica, Ibiza

You know that bit when the music drops, the club goes wild, and you’ve never felt more alive. Yeah, imagine that, but in your own house. Welcome to Villa Rica in the Bay of Cala Jondal – with its own private basement nightclub, this is the ultimate Ibiza villa. Naturally, you’ll want to take the party outside to the villa’s infinity pool. Meals are provided by an executive chef – although, technically, eatin’s cheatin’.

Prices start from €25,000 a week for eight guests.

2. Villa Bayview, Cote d’Azur

If you’re an olive-skinned Frenchman, a rooftop party is the only way to show off your dance moves and your tan. If you’re a pasty Brit, you might want to remember the factor 50 for your stay at Villa Bayview. Sunburn aside, the huge terraces and gardens of Villa Bayview, overlooking the Bay of Villefranche, make a for a top rave spot. Show-offs can spin their records on the decks while their car revolves on the parking turntable outside. MTV will be knocking on your door in minutes. Prices start from €18,000 a week for ten guests, including use of a private chef and butler.

3. Villa del Mar, Marbella

Villa del Mar is for the hardcore partier. Set on the grounds of celeb hotspot Hotel Marbella Club, this giant villa has an outdoor bar, infinity pool and beach-facing sun terrace. When you’re partied out, you could nurse your hangover with a sneaky visit to the spa. Or man up, ask your private chef to rustle you up a Bloody Mary, and stagger off to the hotel’s champagne room for round two.

Prices start from €105,000 a week for 12 guests.

All villas available from Villa Guru: 020 3004 8750; villaguru.com