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Enter the renovation game

Whether it’s a total overhaul of your home, an extension or a refurbishment, Rhodes Fitzgerald has been there, built that…

Rhodes Fitzgerald prides itself on having a customer-centric approach to every single project. Regardless of the scale of the work, the team appreciate that taking on any building project can seem daunting and stressful – and that’s why they work with clients to understand concerns from day one, and ensure these are all taken care of.

Collaborative approach
Rhodes Fitzgerald has two experienced directors at its helm, both of whom are involved in every project, bringing something different to the table. Each project is assigned its own foreman who reports back to the office, ensuring everyone works as a well-briefed team and not a group of individuals.

Talented contacts
With years of experience between them, the Rhodes Fitzgerald directors have collated an extensive book of contacts – one that is continually growing. The team regularly attend trade events and exhibitions, and are heavily involved with interior designers and architects. This means Rhodes Fitzgerald can recommend and introduce you to the right person to turn your creative ideas into a reality. They work with interior designers, steel artists, flooring specialists and spatial designers – to name just a few.

Brand new ideas
Rhodes Fitzgerald takes inspiration from many sources – including photography and art – and the team is brimming with creative ideas. But they also understand the logistics behind realising such ideas, and are always willing to find a solution to clients’ aspirations.

Design and build
Rhodes Fitzgerald can manage the whole project from design concept through to the build and finishing touches. Or it can take the roll of build contractor, forming part of the overall team working alongside your own architect and interior designers. The benefit of instructing Rhodes Fitzgerald from infancy is to ensure the smooth running and continuity of the project. Involving the construction team from early on allows the team to advise on the practical feasibility of the initial designs – and warn of any budget implications, which are rarely accurately calculated in the pre-planning stages. The standard tender process run by an architect has one main benefit: you might get a cheap quote. But this doesn’t mean it’s a feasible one. Many contractors will price competitively to secure the work, and then hit you with additions once instructed. It’s always better to instruct the team as one – and get your builder involved from the start.

To arrange an appointment, call 020 8744 9300. For more information, see rfltd.uk.com