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Apex Rides – the new exercise bike for the new year

Looking for an at-home exercise bike that's affordable and reliable while still premium quality? Give Apex Rides a spin

Apex provides a sleek, affordable alternative to many of its competitors. Entering the market as a disruptor at the price point of just £1,200 (or from £29.99/month with Klarna), many are turning to Apex as their go-to choice for home exercise.

But despite this lower price point, it's also a serious piece of kit.

The bike itself utilises the latest in at-home cycle technology, with an ergonomic design produced to be lightweight and accessible whilst still providing a great workout.

The design features sweat-proof coating, and enables a clip in feature for serious riders, whilst also being robust and lightweight, meaning it can be easily transported around the home and set up easily.

It looks great, too; four colours are available (navy, white, black, and nude), helping it fit seamlessly in any home environment.

It's a nice change from the utilitarian, ugly aesthetic that many bikes embody, so often getting relegated to the garden shed. The Apex bike definitely helps to buck that trend.

Users can access Apex's array of fitness classes and tailored workouts via the app, designed in partnership with their studio partner Boom Cycle, with things such as live leaderboards allowing users to track their speeds and RPMs against the other virtual riders out there.

The brand is currently offering a month's free trial of the Apex app to new users, which activates upon purchasing the bike. This means that upon purchasing the bike users will get instant access to thousands of online classes at no extra cost.

There is a real focus on accessibility with the app: hundreds of live and on demand classes mean that there's something for users of every fitness and skill level.

Given the huge demand for home workout solutions at the moment, and with brands like Peloton and Technogym struggling to maintain a reliable supply line, many users have embraced Apex as their solution and are quick to shout the brand's praises. The brand is currently delivering within 2-3 weeks of orders being placed.

The bike has received an impressive range of press online, with excellent reviews from the likes of Forbes and Vogue.

If you’re in the market for a new workout solution that’s immersive, painless, and most of all fun, saddle up with Apex.

Give it a spin.