With the majority of us feeling as though we have been in hibernation for what seems like months, the imminent arrival of summer couldn’t come a moment too soon.

Time to put the boots back in the wardrobe and bring out the suede. With an air of lightness yet sophistication, suede brings the enjoyment back into footwear.

Loafers are the go-to shoe for the warmer months.

Pair sockless with cropped trousers for the understated look, or match with chinos for a laid back feel.

With a range of coloured suedes available from the daring to the conventional, there is a loafer for every outfit.

Billy Ruffian offer shades of brown and navy for the classic traditional look but why not embrace the light heartedness of summer and choose from one of the more conspicuous colours.

If wanting to pair some brogues with chinos for that early evening drink, then look no further than the Kendal brogue from Billy Ruffian.

With a lightweight commando sole and fully leather lined, they are prefect for matching with lighter coloured trousers to ease you into any social event.

When a more refined look is required the Trafalgar brogue with their leather soles is ideal for elevating the smart casual look to suit any such occasion.

Equally, both look right at home matched with your favourite jeans for a spontaneous catch up with a friend.

Shake off the weight of winter and look forward to the lightness of summer.

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