If you’re looking to dress in a way that gets you noticed, you could do worse than to throw on a high-vis jacket. After all, the whole point of these garments is that they’re hard to miss.

But what if your reasons for wanting to stand out from the crowd are rooted in style, rather than health and safety? We’re happy to report that you’re in luck.

Over the last couple of seasons, fashion designers have been cottoning on to the benefits of high-vis materials, incorporating fluorescent hues and reflective stripes into their clothing to retina-searing effect.

As I type, a highlighter-yellow suit from Acne Studios has just arrived on Mr Porter, joining a range of equally vibrant garments and accessories from brands such as Off-White, Balenciaga and Palm Angels. Indeed, we’re experiencing such an influx of fluorescence we’ve nominated it as one of this season’s key trends.

So, what’s it all about? It’s partly an evolution of the workwear trend, high-vis materials of course being associated with firemen, construction workers and so on, but like most modern trends it’s also being driven by Instagram and the behavioural shift brought about by the e-commerce revolution.

Use these big, bold colours as an accent and you’re sure to turn heads for the right reasons

As consumers do more of their shopping online, browsing on tablets and phones instead of sifting through rails, designers are under pressure to find new ways of ensuring that their own clothes jump out from the screen.

And while some of the more extreme examples of this trend are not for the faint of heart – Acne Studios’ aforementioned suit being a case in point – it’s far more accessible than might at first seem apparent.

Just use these big, bold colours as an accent, as we’ve done here with this fluorescent yellow hoodie from Pop Trading Company, and you’re sure to turn heads for the right reasons. 

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