It appears that several years of dressing down during the pandemic and working from home have left many men in a style rut.

In a recent survey of 2,000 UK males, more than 70 percent admit they lack confidence in their fashion sense. And 66 percent feel overwhelmed by their online shopping choices. Yet dispute this, more than 50 percent plan to overhaul their wardrobe.

The great news is that you can initiate a change with just your eyewear. Glasses and sunglasses have a practical foundation that makes everyday wear a guarantee, and the abundance of style choices makes them an easy experimentation zone for even the most sartorially challenged.

Here are a few tips for picking the proper eyewear…

Consider your face shape

Just as you wouldn't put on a T-shirt that draws attention to your tummy, there make sure you choose glasses that flatter, rather than work against, your natural features.

If it's your first time investing in quality, stylish eyewear, looking for glasses that suit your face shape will help you find a pair that fits you best.

You'll find that those with square faces should avoid thin, angular, square styles that draw attention to the chin, while those with round faces should choose frames with sharp edges to create flattering angles.

Once you've got your ideal frame shape down pat, you never have to think about it again, and you can experiment from there. Previously, we talked about Salvatore Ferragamo's revisiting of the brand’s customary elegance and flair with their new eyewear collection.

The classic frames of sunglasses and traditional spectacles are reinterpreted in acetate and metal for a vintage look, allowing men to elevate their looks effortlessly. However, shapes and aesthetics shouldn't be the only thing you consider when it comes to eyewear.

Don’t forget comfort

More and more of the fashion-conscious are prioritising comfort ahead of style and cost, according to 81% of respondents in a recent survey. And because UK shoppers tend to pay 50% more than their EU-dwelling counterparts (thanks, Brexit), you want to make sure your eyewear is actually wearable.

Eyewear tends to work for extensive periods – think prescription frames for sitting in front of your computer or sunglasses for long days fishing or enjoying the beach – make sure you're happy with how they fit and feel on your face.

Consider at-home try-on services or go to a physical store to get a feel of the frames' weight and material. Are the nose pads adjustable, or do they leave deep marks on the bridge of your nose? Do they feel too heavy, thus putting you at risk of headaches? Are the lens sizes too small, limiting your field of vision? These are important considerations before making a purchase.

Choose helpful features

Finally, you want eyewear that fits with your lifestyle and behaviour. If you're always out on the water, polarised lenses prevent glare from reflective surfaces and improve your visibility and colour perception. If you're a jet setter stashing eyewear in and out of bags, consider a scratch- and bend-resistant pair that can keep up with your frequent travels.

If you're hunched over a laptop all day, blue light-filtering lens treatments will reduce eye strain for more comfort. These features will maximise function in your eyewear, so they transcend their role as mere fashion accessories and become must-haves.

The great thing about eyewear is its ability to make anyone look more put-together. Depending on the style, it can add an air of mystery, inject a sense of fun, or create a dapper addition to an outfit.

With the right eyewear chosen, men can gain the confidence to start making bolder, more authentic choices for their wardrobe to reflect their personalities truly.