Stop sniggering at the back – we’re talking purely about height. The modern man should hold his head high – and it helps if you have the right pair of shoes. Italian shoemaker Guidomaggi has a unique solution: created by Emanuele Brigante, whose own desire to be taller is well-documented, it produces beautiful hand-crafted shoes with a hidden height-increasing insole to add up to five extra inches to your stature.

The Cambridge (£347) comes in full-grain camel leather with an additional leather lining and insole. The heel also contains anti-slip rubber for maximum comfort, and the understated design is tied up with smart cotton waxed laces. Made in Italy using the finest leather, it’s meticulously designed to appear as though it’s a standard pair of shoes, so the vertically challenged among you can relax – you’ll be walking tall in no time. Plus, you can finally stop giving your credit card details to those mysterious people clogging up your email inbox. Or was that about something else…?

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