What does it take to become Britain’s most iconic knitwear brand? For starters, you need to be called John Smedley. The eponymous company was passed down through no fewer than four generations of John Smedleys as it continued to pioneer the way we produce quality garments – and while much has changed since then, the brand’s commitment to quality materials remains the same.

Fast forward some 230 years and you’ll still find John Smedley knitwear being fashioned in its Lea Mills factory in Derbyshire. Dating back to 1784, it’s the oldest manufacturing factory in the world, handcrafting pieces like the Wembury: a long-sleeved Henley shirt perfect for the stylish dressed-down look. Drawing on the classic Henley shirt from Smedley’s 1930s long johns, it’s made from lightweight and breathable 100% Sea Island Cotton to ensure you always feel as cool as you look.

Nowadays the hallowed label is the proud holder of a Royal Warrant, but its greatest stamp of approval comes from the modern gents who continue to fill their wardrobes with its British-made style staples two centuries in the making.

For more information, see johnsmedley.com