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Suited and Booted | Lucas Di Grassi

As one of the leading ambassadors for the electric motorsport revolution, Lucas Di Grassi knows  the importance of a good outfit. We asked the 2017 world champion to take us through his wardrobe

Lucas Di Grassi

Lucas Di Grassi is not a man who lives by half measures.

When he drives, he drives fast – that’s how Di Grassi won the Formula E world championship in 2017.

When he dresses, he dresses well – there’s a good reason HUGO BOSS chose to sponsor Formula E: the sport is not exactly suffering from a shortfall of handsome leading men.

And when he parties, he parties hard. (Or so we assume. He’s Brazilian, after all.)

We spoke to Di Grassi about how he gets suited and booted away from the track. 


What’s the first suit you owned?

Talking about a basic suit? I think it was a suit for a wedding or a special occasion my parents had bought me when I was a kid. However, I can’t remember the brand anymore.

What’s the most expensive suit you own?

It’s a blue BOSS tuxedo I purchased at the store. Just because BOSS makes the coolest suits ever.

Do you have a favourite suit?

Yes, I guess it’s the suit I wore to my wedding when I got married to my wife Bianca six years ago.

Up to this time that suit has been in my wardrobe and I actually still wear it sometimes. It’s quite cool yet contemporary.

Is there a particular suit you want to add to your wardrobe?

I would love to have a wardrobe with a suit in every single colour and for different occasions.

It would be nice to have the option to select a suit by colour, like green or yellow for example. That would be pretty cool! I still have many suits on my wish list.

Favourite item of casualwear?

It’s definitely a T-shirt. Usually in plain black or white. I have roughly 20 of each, I believe. It’s a very easy style to wear.

Take a pair of jeans, shoes and combine it with a white t-shirt – you can wear this outfit pretty much everywhere.

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First pair of shoes you purchased yourself?

Good question. I can’t exactly remember anymore. I guess it was in Brazil, perhaps for a special occasion or a wedding.

It might have even been for a party when I was 15 years old or something like that.

Most expensive pair of shoes you own?

I am not really into shoes. The most expensive shoes I own are probably either business shoes or BOSS tuxedo shoes.

Favourite pair of shoes?

The pair of shoes I like the most are the ones I wear every day. They’re just running shoes!

Shoes you want to add to your collection?

I am very much into renewable resources. That is also the reason why I would like to purchase more shoes that are made of sustainable materials. That would be very cool.

Do you have a pair of go-to sports / gym / running shoes?

Yes, I have a pair of special running shoes. I run quite a lot but I also have some issues with my legs. I broke both of them a couple of times.

For that reason, I have specific insoles for my running shoes that I use all the time. 

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HUGO BOSS is an official partner of Formula E.