1. Agi & Sam

Remember when you were a kid and you stood on a bit of Lego? Our toes recoil at the memory. So we've got a lot of sympathy for this guy, who seems to have fallen face down into an entire box of the stuff. Still, at least once he's stumbled off the catwalk, he'll have something to occupy him between shows.

2. Sophia Webster

This model looked a bit glum at designer Sophia Webster's Freak Like Me presentation. While all her model pals were busy sashaying down the catwalk in lacy dresses, she had to walk around feeling silly, dressed as Uranus. How she managed to get on the Tube after work that evening remains a mystery.

3. Agi & Sam (yes, again)

Grandad?! What are you doing at Fashion Week? We've told you about this sort of thing before... Hang on, that's a really cool pair of trousers you're wearing. Orange is in this season. Actually, your brolly's pretty nifty too. Tell you what, get up on that catwalk and show those young'uns how it's done...

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