The Swiss Alps rank among the most peaceful locations on the planet. Even in high ski season it is easy to find a place to enjoy the silence, crisp air and spectacular views, with absolutely no one around to disturb you.

For city dwellers, those of us accustomed to cramped Tubes and office strip-lights, this drastic change can be a godsend.

The team at The Chedi Andermatt, a luxury hotel nestled in a village of fewer than 2,000 locals, know this, and have created an atmosphere of complete calm and luxury for you to escape to.

Why Stay Here?

To arrive at The Chedi Andermatt from London does take a little work – flight to Zurich, followed by a train transfer of about 2 hours – but the resultant seclusion is what you’re here for. The railway section of the journey is an experience in itself, so magnificent are the views of lakes and mountains as you meander up through the pass, and upon arrival at the hotel a hot towel and cup of exclusive Chedi tea wash away any memories of airports and ticket offices.

Settling into your room will take a long moment, so generous is the space afforded to each of them, but once you have marvelled at the views from your balcony and familiarised yourself with the workings of the dual-aspect fireplace (a gorgeous touch, and visible from the giant bathtub for ultimate lounging) there is a lot to be discovered around the property. This is the Alps, so there is skiing – while not quite ski-in-ski-out, access to the slope is across just one small street, and The Chedi’s own Ski Butler will take care of every necessary arrangement. Whether you bring your own equipment or borrow some when you arrive, the care and custody will be one more thing you can forget about as soon as you walk through the doors.

Of course, skiing is neither year-round nor everybody’s idea of a relaxing time, but these things are exactly what The Chedi aspires to be. Its spa is expansive, and features both Switzerland’s longest indoor hotel pool and an outdoor one which is heated all year round. The warmth of the water contrasted with the sharp cold of the Alpine air is invigorating and revitalising. The public spaces are vast, and all built for relaxation. The comforting aesthetic created by the largely wood-hewn décor paired with the mammoth, plush sofas are soothing enough on their own, but the addition of yet more fireplaces, with roaring wood fires throughout, completes the feeling of peace.

Hidden behind the main reception, with an aspect view of the rear courtyard, are 2 libraries which are jewels in The Chedi’s collection of relaxing nooks. One contains an array of wines which can be enjoyed in front of – you guessed it – another fireplace; the other is the Cigar Library, home to the largest collection of cigars in any hotel in the world. Some of the Cuban smokes here are older than the Cuban revolution, and the chance to enjoy them in an indoor setting is almost unique. Pick up the phone in the corner for a direct line to the bar; they’ll bring you whatever spirit you prefer to pair and leave you in peace to enjoy a sublime smoke.

How’s the Food?

The Chedi brand leans heavily on Asian influence, as demonstrated by the 1 Michelin Star Japanese Restaurant.

A sake collection almost as impressive as the cigar one accompanies tasting menus which run up to ten courses, allowing for a deep immersion in the award-winning Japanese cuisine.

Crossing to the other side of the hotel will bring you to a second restaurant offering a range of Swiss traditional dishes or the option of classics from all other nations of Asia.

Breakfast is also served here, and features one of the most expansive buffet selections you’re likely to find anywhere.

Open passes allow diners a glimpse at the preparation of some dishes, but the real focal point is another “library”, this one 5 metres tall and built to hold a collection of around 300 cheeses, mostly from Switzerland.

What are the rooms like?

Simply put, huge. Wood – local, of course – is the decorative theme running through these as well, and the signature suites comprise 2 floors of beautifully-panelled walls and traditional flooring. The largest of these boasts its own sauna and steam in the principal bedroom; all have superb views of the surrounding landscape.

Should you happen to fall in love with The Chedi after your first visit to Andermatt – which is not out of the question – certain of the buildings in the wider complex contain apartments which can be bought outright. These are served by the hotel when you choose to visit, and managed by them in your absence as another option for paying guests. The option of having a private pied-a-terre in the Swiss Alps, which can be made ready by a five-star hotel team after just one phone call, might just be the pinnacle of luxurious lounging.

Rooms from £680.