Paris is the city of love – or so they say.

For planning the perfect weekend with your other half can sometimes be more of a headache than a heartthrob (not that you’d tell them that).

Forty-seven different restaurant recommendations, 19 local landmarks, multiple categorisation of hotels: there are so many options it's hard enough to decide what you want, let alone find a consensus.

(This is also known as the Netflix phenomenon.)

We’ve broken down Paris to its bare essentials: a hotel, a couple of restaurants and a romantic bar to finish off the night.

Follow our lead and you can’t go wrong.

Bon voyage!

Stay at Grand Powers

Grand Powers is a five-star hotel located at the heart of Paris Golden Triangle, so you won’t have to walk far to get to Avenue des Champs Elysées (the Oxford street of Paris), multiple restaurants and the famous Arc de Triomphe.

(That’s assuming you ever want to leave the comfort of your hotel room…)

Grand Powers strikes the perfect balance between innovation and tradition. Each room is a fine example of Parisian chic, and every floor has a different colour scheme (powered pink would be my choice – appeals to the inner princess).

And if the room isn’t enough to tempt you, then maybe the Thala spa will. Wrapped in marble and fitted with Jacuzzi, hammam and sauna, it also offers personalized dermalogica treatments – so they’ve got the essentials covered.

Complete with breakfast either at Café 52, which starts its service at 7am (for the early birds) or room service (for anyone who enjoys Sunday mornings under the duvet).

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Lunch at Giraffe

For lunch, the Girafe. Found behind the doors of the museum of Architecture and Heritage, in the Trocadero square, it’s a little tricky to find – but worth the hunt.

Girafe predominantly serves seafood, and lots of it. Watching each dish come out of the kitchen and trying to identify what's on the plate is a fun game, until you realise you’ve got to decide what to order. Each dish is named after a different type of seafood, so go ahead and order your favourite. Yellowtail, razor clams, lobster – you’ll have the pick of the ocean.

If nothing on the menu tickles your fancy then you can always opt for the catch of the day, which can be cooked and served anyway you like.

But great though it is, the food is almost overshadowed by the view. An unobstructed sightline of the Eiffel Tower – what more could you ask for?

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Dinner at Maison du Caviar

In such a historic city why not have a #throwback dinner – specifically 1960s themed.

Restaurant La Maison du Caviar plays homage to this era in its decor, with velvet booths, bespoke wallpaper and copper-ceiling lights shaped like sea horses. Even though the space whispers of old school elegance, the music is all about the fun times.

La Maison du Caviar comes alive in the evening, playing the classic hits of the ’60s with a few special numbers from the ’70s and ’80s. It’s not just the food that makes people bop with joy.

Yet the food is certainly worth shouting (or singing) about, serving exquisite dishes featuring some of the best caviars, smoked salmon, taramas and poutargue. As you would expect from the moniker, this restaurant is pure extravagance in the best possible way.

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Drink at Shangri-La Hotels private rooftop bar

Finish off your evening in style at the Shangri-La’s rooftop bar. It’s only open for a limited time – 8 June to 30 September – so you really can’t afford to hang around.

The bar is inside one of the hotels seventh-floor suites, and only detectable by red fluorescent lights illuminating the door – it doesn’t require a secret knock (yet).

Enjoy exclusive L’Orbe cocktails and spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower, not only romantic but highly Instagramable. And make sure to arrive before midnight to witness the Tower sparkling on the hour.

Merci beaucoup, Paris!

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