Making the airport experience tolerable – let alone enjoyable – is no mean feat. But if you travel with Heathrow VIP, you may never want to take off. The pioneering service starts from your door with a chauffeur-driven BMW 7 series that will drop you at the Heathrow VIP HQ. Here you will have your own private lounge exclusive to you and your guests.

While there, your experience will be curated to your specific whims. Fancy a bottle of Petrus 1982? No problem, sir – single or magnum? Michelin-style fine dining with seasonal ingredients? You got it. The latest Patek Philippe? We’ll see what we can do. There’s even an art consultancy service, so if you need help with sourcing a Damien Hirst or want advice on which Chinese contemporary artist will be the next big thing, then you’re in the right place.

With Heathrow VIP, everything is taken care of for you. Security procedures occur within your suite, and once your flight is ready you will be driven by private luxury vehicle directly to the aircraft. Welcome to the real high life.

We met three of the people who make Heathrow VIP a sector-leading service…

"Once, this service was only available for the royal family and diplomats. It’s now been opened up to the public for the first time. Customers range from CEOs to entrepreneurs, celebrities and socialites.

It’s not known by many – and is certainly Heathrow’s best-kept secret.

Market leading in its approach, others are starting to follow suit having seen its success.

We understand our customers value their time. So each experience is bespoke, ensuring our client’s time in London is maximised.”

Sam Morgan, Head Chef

“I’ve worked with Jason Atherton for the last two years, visiting many of his destination restaurants, including New York and Dubai – bringing back his signature dishes and recreating them for our guests here.

Preparing Michelin-star dishes in Heathrow has its restrictions – we have no gas or induction in the suite, for example. But things are replicated as close as we can make them through tastings and trials. Menus are changed every six weeks to keep things fresh – and we always use the best seasonal produce.”

Tanya Baxter, Art Consultant

“The way we select the artwork is by looking at what’s happening in the contemporary art market globally. So if Frieze was on in London or NYC, we’d choose artists
who are showing.

We have a modern British theme at the moment, so we’re showing the works of Adrian Heath; Alan Davie; one of the YBAs, Marc Quinn.

We source, advise; we often do transportations, hanging, insurance. Our service is totally bespoke.”

For more information on Heathrow VIP’s Classic and Black services, call 020 8757 2227;