Established in 2004, Christopher Ward grew in renown for its high-quality, English-designed and Swiss-manufactured timepieces but it wasn't until the brand became the first in England to create its own movement for 50 years that the industry truly sat up and took notice.

“2014 was a turning point for Christopher Ward,” Mike France, co-founder of Christopher Ward said. “At that time I knew that our ambitions would continue at a rapid pace. As a result, we needed a brand identity that would take us forward.”

To implement this re-brand, Christopher Ward called on the expertise of award-winning UK design agency, Hello, and challenged it to create a fresh edge for the company. The result is a new logo (changed from Chr.Ward to the simply Christopher Ward), which will be displayed on all new watches in the ‘quarter to’ position, instead of the standard 12 o’clock position.

The first two watch models under the rebrand come from the Trident Collection – the C65 Trident Vintage and the C65 Trident Classic.

Both will feature the new logo and showcase the pared-down design cues that Christopher Ward is introducing onto its collection.

France said: “The unveiling of the new Christopher Ward brand marks an exciting milestone for us. We’re more confident than ever, and are certain that this new identity will allow us to continue to offer customers unique, Swiss-made timepieces at affordable prices.

“Throughout 2016 there’ll be several new product launches, all of which will reflect the new identity and our ongoing commitment to provide something different.”