Paying the bill is the least fun part of eating out – especially if you got the champers in. Luckily, clever app Zapper makes the whole process less painful. If you’ve got a QR code on your bill (more than 100 London restaurants, including Iberica and Corney and Barrow, have got involved), diners can scan it using Zapper to pay without the wait for the card terminal. You can split the bill, add a tip, and Zapper will store your preferences for the next time you eat out. Which basically gives you the perfect excuse to eat out more often. Winning.

Available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

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The vast majority of us Londoners now eat our lunch al desko, and when you’re a busy City worker bee who’s pushed for time, it’s easy to plump for the quick, unhealthy option.

EatFirst founder Rahul Parekh left a career at Goldman Sachs to address this first world problem and help feed the time poor. Workers in areas including the City, central London and Canary Wharf can log onto the EatFirst app or website, choose from one of two lunch options (including a veggie one) and have it delivered to your desk in 15 minutes.

The menu changes daily and is cooked by Michelin-trained chef Jane Tran, featuring fresh ingredients prepared on the day. It costs £7 including delivery. Not as cheap as a Maccys, admittedly, but your body will thank you for being kind to it.

Available for iPhone and Android.

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Click for Cliquot

Buying someone a drink from the bar is so 2000 and late. In the age of the app, it’s all about using your phone to order your mate a tipple. Veuve Cliquot’s new app allows you tap away on your phone to have a glass, or bottle, of Yellow Label champagne on ice delivered to a friend. The app syncs up with your contacts so you can pick a lucky recipient, ping them a text, or a selfie, (obvs) to let them know where a bottle is chilling with their name on it. The app can even scan your credit card using your phone camera, so making a payment is dangerously easy. Use with caution after consuming one to many Veuves yourself.

Participating London venues include Quaglino’s, Hix at Selfridges, Mr. Fogg’s and Bart’s.

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