1. Banana pool table

Imagine a table football table shaped like a carrot. One day, my friend. In the meantime, you'll have to put up with a pool table shaped like a banana. We asked the office on their thoughts and opinion was divided, or you could say, split. Either way, we've got pockets in our banana and we are pleased to see you.

Cléon Daniel’s Banana Pool Table measures 8ft 6in x 4ft 6in and costs £6,000. For more info, visit cleondaniel.com

2. The Cluster Bomb drinks cabinet

This drinks cabinet is the bomb – no, seriously. It’s been crafted from a 1970s modern fuselage by Fallen Furniture, which makes bespoke designs from reclaimed aircraft parts. The mirror-polished cabinet opens to reveal three shelves that rotate around a gold spindle, while in the base, a sliding platform built from lacquered walnut conceals an armoury of custom-made cocktail utensils. The Cluster Bomb stands a mighty eight feet tall and weighs 600 pounds, so you’ll need a pretty big living room – and a vast drinks collection to fill it.

The Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet retails for £50,000 and there are three available. For more info, visit fallenfurniture.com

3. Nintendo controller coffee table

A coffee table that doubles up as a giant working Nintendo console: how cool is that? The table, which is designed after the 1985 Nintendo controller, is fully functional and works wirelessly like a Wii controller. It even comes with a working zapper gun that vibrates and fits into a side-mounted holster – we’re feeling like a uni student again just looking at it. It’s handmade from maple, African bubinga and mahogany, and comes with a glass top in case you actually want to use it as a table – but where’s the fun in that?

Nintendo controller coffee table, £5,460, etsy.com

4. Nambe Twist Cocktail Shaker

If you like your martinis the James Bond way, this arty-looking cocktail shaker from Nambe is the coolest way to make them. It’s cut from full-lead crystal and features a tulip shape and twisting metal stem for a dash of modern flair. Plus it’ll give you the chance to show off those fancy cocktail shaking moves.

Nambe Twist Cocktail Shaker, £214.46, amazon.co.uk

5. Riedel horn decanter

Modelled after a musical horn’s coiled shape, this impressive decanter from Riedel harks back to the company’s Austrian routes, remembering a time when mailmen used to announce their deliveries by blowing into a horn. Well, you’d never miss an Ocado delivery again if those boys had one of these. Not only will the horn decanter sit pretty on your bar top, and make your wine taste a lot better in the process, you can actually blow into it to make some music of your own. Make sure you practice Baker Street solo a few times before you attempt it in company.

Riedel horn decanter, £675, riedel.co.uk

6. Nook filament bulb

If you’re a fan of the ‘Shoreditch’ aesthetic, which is all about exposed brickwork and pared-back styling, these bulbs will give you your living room the look without having to get the builders in. These exposed filament designs from London-based company Nook have transformed the humble light bulb into a piece of artwork. Each version is handmade so no two are alike, and they’ll light up your homemade mojitos a treat.

Mimime Globe Sprial, £17.50, nooklondon.com

7. Thorens TD 2015

The vinyl revival shows no sign of abating, and we need little excuse to dust off our decks and get the house party going. If you’re a vinyl newbie, we’ve got the perfect excuse to get yourself a brand new set. The Thorens TD 2015 features some nifty performance-enhancing upgrades including a new motor frame, and it comes with an acrylic finish in a choice of bright colours, so it’s very easy on the eye. It’s down to your music choice to make sure it’s easy on the ear, too.

Thorens TD 2015, £1,849, hifigear.co.uk

8. Glenmore Punch bowl

This silver-plated punch bowl is embellished with stag head handles – no doubt it will make that vat of Tequila Sunrise you’ve prepared for your dinner party look very fancy. Or if you’re feeling flash, pop your champers in there to keep it looking and tasting cool.

Silver plated Glenmore Punch Bowl £120, adventino.co.uk

9. Waterford crystal glasses

Mad Men’s Don Draper loves an Old Fashioned almost as much as we do. This set of crystal glasses are from Waterford’s Mad Men collection, which celebrates the art deco style that’s championed in the show’s final series. The deep cuts and 24K gold-plated banding on this double old-fashioned glass could easily be found in the hands of Draper himself. If it’s good enough for him…

Waterford set of two mixology olson dof glasses, £125, selfridges.com