London may be home to the UK’s most famous casinos, but you can still find some excellent alternatives outside of the capital.

We've picked three gambling alternatives outside London that more than meet the quality you'd expect from the capital.

Casinos have embarked on significant improvements over the last 20 years, their hands forced by the disruptive innovation of Internet gambling.

Before the Internet, land-based casinos in the UK were considered a solid market, with nothing coming to knock them off their perch.

Nowadays, reputable digital casinos, like the positively reviewed Griffon Casino, are waiting in the wings to hoover up hesitant customers looking to leap from land-based casinos to their more convenient digital adversaries.

Victoria Gate Casino


If you hop on a train in London and head north for two and a half hours, you'll come across one of the biggest cities in Yorkshire – Leeds. Home to many landmarks, Leeds is considered by many to be the jewel of Yorkshire and is a vibrant city that welcomes international students from all over the world.

The city is home to Headingley, one of the most recognisable cricket grounds in the country, which has been the backdrop for some of England's greatest moments in international cricket.

As one of the biggest super casinos in North England, Victoria Gate Casino is a 24/7 venue with over 100 slot machines and electronic roulette options. Featuring a broad sprawling big screen that shows the latest sport, it has a prime location right in the centre of the city.

Manchester235 Casino


As you have probably gathered by the title, Manchester235 casino is in one of North West England's most notable cities. Manchester is home to two of the biggest and most well-known football teams, has a deep and varied musical heritage that rivals any city in the world and has a fascinating range of entertainment venues and casinos, the pick of the bunch being Manchester235 Casino.

Over the years, many celebrity faces have frequented this luxurious casino, with its vast selection of table games and several private poker lounges for high rollers. Manchester is one of the best examples of a city that cultivates culture and looks to expand into the world rather than look inwards and dwells on its past. The impressively slick Manchester235 Casino is an example of this.

Aspers Casino


Situated in North East England, Newcastle is a considerable distance from London and much closer to Scotland than the capital. Aspers Casino is located in the heart of Newcastle. It is another gambling hotspot that attracts vast numbers of patrons, especially over the weekend when the city centre is thriving and full of life. Newcastle is often considered one of the top hotspots for a night out in the whole of the UK and is arguably the country's most underrated city.

The futuristic design and large sprawling floors provide an aura and foundation that draws in people looking to play their favourite table-based games or who want to turn the excitement down a notch or two and have a game of poker in one of the private suites.

We have covered a few of the main alternatives to London casinos today but there are plenty of other casinos in various prominent cities in the UK, such as Glasgow, Liverpool, and Birmingham. With the rise of digital casinos, much of the custom has been driven to the fingertips of people playing from home and this trend will likely only reverse for a while.

Still, there will always be a market for land-based casinos in the UK as they're a big part of the nightlife and the gambling culture is much more entrenched into British culture than in many other countries across the Western Hemisphere.