As the weather gets chillier, we can’t help but lust for cosy feelings. Autumn brings the marvellous chance to wear all your favourite scarves, blazers, jackets and oversized sweaters.

But alongside the comfy knit, your favourite summer fragrance may smell out of place. Some summer scents may lose their impact, but some popular scents are just perfect to be taken into colder weather and make the change in seasons more enjoyable.

So how to ‘cosy’ your fragrance collection while keeping that happy summer feeling?

The Best Fragrance Notes for Autumn

A signature scent is a form of personal identity. Yes, you may be faithful to one fragrance all year round, no matter what the season is, but it is a fact that perfume is sensitive to the climate, and it performs differently according to the weather.

In cold temperatures, the odour molecules move at a slower pace, and the fragrance is not as lifted as it usually is in warm weather.

Once the temperature drops, think warmer, rich and comforting notes that will adapt beautifully to the season.

Vanilla & Citrus

Warm and Inviting

Boss Bottled

There is nothing more intoxicating than vanilla accords blended with fresh citrus notes lingering on your favourite sweater! If this combination resonates with you, consider buying the classic Boss Bottled aftershave that evokes the carefree summer vibes with its lemon and apple top notes but fades into the spicy base notes of vanilla, vetiver and sandalwood. On the other hand, ladies may appreciate this precious blend in the Emporio Because It’s You perfume that brings a sensual combination of vanilla and musk with bright notes of lemon and raspberry.

Patchouli & Fruits

Sweet and Free-spirited

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

The combination may seem chilling, but the dry and crisp woody scent blended with mouthwatering accords of summer fruits is pure gold if you wish to keep the summer memories alive in the autumn. The Lancome La Vie Est Belle is a charming example of a fragrance that can be easily brought from hot summer days into cold weather. Its fruity start composed of black currant and pear is followed by sensual base notes of warming patchouli, tonka beans and praline. To keep pace, men should invite Armani’s Acqua di Giò Absolu into their aftershave collection. This woody yet aquatic scent opens with sweet apple and sparkling grapefruit notes and ends with a masculine blend of woody notes, patchouli and labdanum.

Tobacco and Blossoms

Delicate and Sophisticated

Montale Oud Tobacco

The scent palette should evolve with age, they say. Especially tobacco notes may seem scary at first, but we promise it is nothing like the scent of your local pub. Tobacco is sweet, earthy and sometimes even floral. It provides a feeling of warmth and a sense of mystery, making a perfume blend a true olfactory experience. In combination with floral notes, tobacco becomes very versatile and can be worn almost all year round. Delight your senses with the unisex fragrance Montale Oud Tobacco, which brings together an intoxicating combination of fragrant orange blossom and head-turning tobacco.

When a temperature takes a dip, these comforting note combos will surround you with their sun-dappled carefree vibe.