Things were looking good for Newcastle United fans. The Premier League kicked off in August, and Newcastle opened their account with a stunning 5-1 over Aston Villa. They then lost to Man City 1-0, but fans were optimistic. They had shown promise against the best team in Europe. Were the good old days returning?

Unfortunately, no. As has been the case with Newcastle United for a few years now, the wheels fell off quite quickly. After a gutting loss against Liverpool, Newcastle were brought down 3-1 by Brighton, to the point where they now sit 14th in the table despite a start to the season that has had moments of class.

These two losses, for better or for worse, have incited plenty of debate already. Namely, fans are discussing whether Eddie Howe really is the man to take Newcastle United to the heights that they are aiming for, or whether it’s time to mix things up already.

The Reign Of Eddie Howe

Eddie Howe’s Newcastle reign started back in 2021, when he was appointed as the replacement for Steve Bruce until 2024. There was a lot of excitement about this move. For one, it reunited Howe with former AFC Bournemouth players, including Callum Wilson, Ryan Fraser, and Matt Ritchie, so there was little chance that this would lead to an incohesive team – as is sometimes the case with new managers.

Secondly, Howe was an experienced coach who immediately made a mark, ensuring that Newcastle were not relegated during that 2021/22 campaign – they became the first team to avoid relegation after not winning any of their first 14 games. After that achievement, Howe’s contract was extended, and he has since guided Newcastle to a top-four finish in the Premier League, and qualification for the UEFA Champions League. It’s fair to say that Newcastle tickets for sale are being lapped up for this next season.

Pushing Things Further

Newcastle are a good team. In fact, they’re a team on their way to being very good, and with the backing behind them, they should consistently be reaching for the top. In other words, is it enough that Newcastle get into the top four? Is it enough that they only qualify for the Champions League?

Newcastle has got to a point now where they should be reaching for trophies, rather than just silencing critics. Eddie Howe is a manager who finds solutions to problems. He has already proven that he can take a team in the doldrums and place them back on their feet, but how far can he make them run?

The Answer For Newcastle United

Debate is always going to happen in football. Things can go from brilliant to “the world is ending” pretty quickly, but it’s important for fans, players, and managers to hold their nerve. We think it’s fair to say that Eddie Howe is the man to carry Newcastle to new heights.

He has had an excellent first few years, but those heights need to be towards silverware, and we mean the best silverware possible. It’s in Newcastle’s squad and management to achieve that, and that’s what they should be aiming for. It isn’t enough to play well, it’s important to win, and Newcastle look like they’re on the road to do just that.