Last year's fashion scene was characterised by viral social media styles and a rise in influencer-led trends. But what's new for 2024? It's time to take a look at the future of fashion and unpack what's next.

To explore what's in store for the world of fashion in the new year and forecast upcoming trends, let's examine some of the looks from 2024 Spring-Summer Fashion Week that took place earlier this year.

A Look at The 2024 Spring-Summer Runways

Considering the current economic and political backdrop, it's understandable that some of the industry's most iconic designers have chosen to pull back on overly exuberant looks in certain areas for the new year.

Recent runway styles for men have had a decidedly retro, vintage slant to them through a use of more classic fabrics and silhouettes.

Gender-fluid looks and cuts were once again a highlight for many designers, with boldly patterned flowing skirts and kilts alongside classic matching suit-inspired styles to balance out the broad-shouldered models of the current scene.

Unpacking the Sustainable Styling Trend

Many devoted followers of the scene have noted a continued shift towards sustainability within fashion stylings for the new year. 

As more brands highlight their dedication to sustainability while balancing style, expect to see more garments and accessories made using recycled materials and manufactured using processes conscious of the environment.

This trend is likely to move in a variety of interesting directions as designers and brands become more creative in order to enhance their commitment to the planet in the most eye-catching ways possible.

Modernising Classic Tuxedo Glam

Many suits and tuxedo-inspired styles were showcased in recent designer collections. The specific features of these looks suggest that playing with proportions will be a major feature in the near future.

While classic details surrounding the location of buttons and hem stylings remain to emphasise overall stylings, it's clear that individuals can expect more creative freedom in outfits meant for special occasions.

Every year, the well tailored men's suit remains iconic, and for good reason. While recent runway trends have been playing with exaggerated shapes and modern pops of colour, the basic appeal of this trend isn't going anywhere.

For individuals interested in starting an evening out in a trendy club and ending it at a luxury casino for a game of poker, modern stylings that add satin tank tops to classic combinations have your back.

Comfort Reigns Supreme

Whether you’re working from home – or just playing online poker – recent runway trends suggest that a rise in comfortable, laidback styles for lounging around are set to continue.

The best online poker platforms offer the same features as their glamorous brick-and-mortar cousins with the added benefit of allowing enthusiasts to participate in comfort at home.

Rising consumer demand for garments that combine function, comfort and versatility mean that fashion-forward individuals can look just as trendy running errands as hanging out at home scrolling or playing mobile games. Many of the looks are made to be seen, so try not to get too comfortable on that couch.

Nineties Nostalgia and the Continued Rise of Retro Fashion

Fashion devotees with a love for raiding their grandparent's closets can rejoice as the trend surrounding retro looks is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Many looks and styles inspired by the nineties were seen on recent runways, suggesting that prints and patterns of decades past are very likely to remain popular.

Alongside a remarkable amount of nostalgia for the kinds of stylings classic movie stars from the 70's and 80's would have enjoyed, it's very possible that vintage cuts will dominate the fashion scene in 2024 and beyond. Keep an eye on the trendiest influencers in the scene to keep track of this evolving trend as there's a good chance everyone will start mixing and matching to keep old looks fresh and thumb-stopping.

Bold Colours and Layered Looks

In the same vein as previous years, many designers continue to explore bold colour combinations in their projected looks for 2024. Fans can expect unusual combinations paired with interesting silhouettes to really make those extroverted hues pop. The trend can be seen in all its glory in the many chunky knits that appeared in the Spring-Summer 2024 collections.

Layering is also a trend that will be a sure-fire hit in the coming months. Many models were seen wearing outfits that would take an entire home wardrobe's worth of outfits to emulate fully. Combined with other trends focused on nostalgia and denim fabrics, layered looks and styles are bound to keep things interesting.

Accessory Trends and Wearable Tech

It should go without saying that accessories will never go out of style. They offer too much variety and potential to fade out of the spotlight completely. Fashion followers can expect the trend of wearable tech to continue making waves as they offer too much convenience to ignore.

Trends relating to sunglasses will continue to depend on face shape, while also leaning towards the bold sizes of previous decades. Fortunately for anyone not gifted with perfect sight, there doesn't appear to be any immediate need to switch out the spectacles for contact lenses in the foreseeable future.

Relaxed Male Fits

Much to the dismay of men holding on to their tightest skinny jeans in the hopes of tightly fitted trends returning to the mainstream, the future seems to be focusing on relaxed, flowing trousers.

Recent runway looks have been dominated by styles from Dior and Ludovic de Saint Sernin that completely obscure muscled calves, instead favouring soft linens or sheer fabrics that float and move more freely.

This move towards relaxed freedom is likely driven by the other projected trends on this list as designers and influencers alike examine the vintage styles and comfort-enhancing potential of past fashion decisions.