What’s the best night out (that you can remember)?

I would find it hard to say just one, as there's been so many, but the ones where you end up where you least expect to are alway the most fun!

What’s your worst night out experience? (Where it all went a bit Pete Tong…)

The ones where your whole crew gets ready to go out and your driver leaves you hanging!

What was your first ‘groupie’ experience?

I have always been lucky with fans and they have always been very nice and friendly… they even bring me little gifts every now and then so I have always been blessed.

What’s your best celebrity anecdote?

Ran into Gerard Butler once at Coachella and was a little star struck and wanted a picture... of course my phone died right at that moment and he laughed right in my face! ;-)

My first ever gig was a bachelor party – I dressed as a carrot

Have you ever DJ’d under the influence?

Alcohol yes... anything else no... music is my drug!

What was the best house party you’ve been to? And whose house was it?

It was in Chile after a Sensation party and it was awesome! They had DJ decks out in the garden and the whole crew plus about a 100 people were there and we partied til the sun came up!

What was the worst gig you’ve ever performed at?

My first ever gig! It was a bachelor party and I was dressed as a carrot, but I didn’t care it was my first official gig evverrrrrrr!

Have you ever had sex to your own music?

If I ever have it was by accident! My ego is not big enough to ever do that, I'd rather leave that to Marvin Gaye :-)