Your latest single, ‘Mama’ reached no.4 in the UK charts and has 332m Spotify streams. Some artists don’t like their music being available on the platform but you use the modern way of listening to music to your advantage. What effect has Spotify had on you career?

Spotify and the streaming revolution has had a huge part in my career, I embrace it wholeheartedly – it’s clearly the future of music consumption. The timing of the launch of my first single ‘Fast Car’ was the crest of the wave of the streaming explosion, I was lucky that my fan base grew as the streaming medium was adopted on a huge global scale.

You’ve remixed ‘Fast Car’, ‘Still Falling for You’ and Stay’. What is it about those tracks that made you want to remix them?

Fast Car was a remake rather than a remix, a proper re-imagination of the original brought up to date. For me to remix a song I have to feel a spark of an idea from it straight away. I have to hear in my head how the remix will sound; then i know it’s game on and I can interpret the song in a way that fits my style.

You also write and co-produce music. What’s your favourite part of the musical and creative process?

It’s gotta be sitting at the piano with a completely blank page, with a songwriter, and coming up with great melodies and a song – that feeling that you started the day with nothing and finished with a piece of music and a song that will hopefully connect with people all over the world. [Continued below song]

Are there any artists you would love to collaborate with?

For sure: Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabelo, Calvin Harris Zedd. All super talented artists I would love to work with.

Do you ever get mistaken for a Jonas brother? Or a Blues brother for that matter?

Early on I did get mistaken for one of the Jonas brothers as there weren’t many photos of me online, so when you put me into Google images you got one of the Jonas brothers with blue hair!

You used to play the flute – can we ever expect to hear the flute incorporated into your music?

Honestly it’s not likely but never say never.

What can we expect from your upcoming album?

Timeless songs, some slower, some faster all with the Jonas Blue sound.

You travel a lot for your job around Asia, Europe and have had a residency in Las Vegas. Where is your favourite place to perform?

I recently did a tour in Asia which was great. The fans are so passionate over there, you can really see in their faces how much it means for them to see you perform…

Which artists are you inspired by and listen to?

I have a really broad selection of music I listen to and am inspired by, from Backstreet Boys to A Tribe Called Quest to Daft Punk to CamelPhat – there’s so much great music out there, but I’ve gotta say 90’s pop is a big inspiration to me.

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