If you reside in city apartments for rent in Laredo TX, you might not be comfortable with the idea of keeping your neighbours up at night while you practise the piano. Equally, you might like the thought of being able to sit down at your piano, play a song, and for real music to come out of the soundboard, not a pair of headphones.

For too long, these have been the only options available. But Yamaha's TransAcoustic series represents a third: one that brings these two scenarios together seamlessly. Its flagship upright can be played silently, output to speakers or headphones, and be turned up or down to suit whichever scenario you find yourself playing in.

For eager amateurs, it can be used alongside a tablet or mobile app that does everything from separating left and right-hand parts, to slowing down pieces, helping with sight-reading and tracking your progress not unlike a running app.

Not only that, but playing through headphones, or outputting to a speaker, sounds real. So real, in fact, that it can seem like you're hearing an actual instrument, not a digital representation. That's because the TransAcoustic piano takes the real vibrations from the piano's soundboard and converts them into a soundwave that's played back through headphones, speakers or the instrument itself. Put simply, it might be able to function like a silent piano, but this is an instrument that's built for players. No compromise necessary.

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