Absolutely amazing' - verdict of the adjacent table that we happened to overhear. And who are we to disagree with them? This is a joyous place, starting with the decor, continuing with the service, and climaxing with the food itself. Founder and chef Mehak Kansal deserves all the praise that will come her way, from patrons and critics both.

About that decor. Light green walls, purple seats, brightly patterned cushions, tropical parrots hanging from the celling… Bindas is a bit of a mood aphrodisiac. You'll feel far more at home here than most of the swankier restaurants in the vicinity. The biggest difference? With apologies to you / your parents / your partner, we doubt your home serves up food as good as this.

How’s the food?

There’s something for everyone at Bindas, and perhaps we should have opted for a vegetarian option - but come on, man: how can you choose between the Butter Chicken Bomb burger and the Laal Maas lamb curry? You can’t, so you order both of them. Both were absolutely fantastic, the burger especially one of those ‘I’m Trying To Pace My Bites But It’s So Damn Moreish’ experiences that deserve to be shouted from the rooftops.

This is Indian street food so you obviously want as many sides as your appetite will allow: the Garlic Chilli Fries are a must, and you’ll need at least one Onion Pulao (Basmati rice, cardamom and fried onions) to pair with your non-burger main. (Although respect if everyone gets the Butter Chicken Bomb. It will save arguments, no doubt.)

But honestly, I can’t think of many restaurants that render the reviewers job so superfluous: I’m confident you could order any dish off the menu and clear your plate very happily. Just get a bit of everything and share around. Then come back a week later and repeat.

Bindas Eatery

What to drink?

Well, there are the standard beers - Kingfisher and Cobra are obviously both accounted for. (It’s quite reassuring, the certainty that you can walk into any Indian restaurant from Mayfair to Manchester and know they’ll offer Kingfisher and Cobra. A fixed point of reference in an ever-changing world.)

But there’s also a cocktail list to work through, very colourful cocktails such as Mirchi Mojito ( (a mojito made with dark rum, mango puree, and fresh chilli) and Lychee Lamhe Mojito (lychee puree and white rum). Either or both will brighten your mood and your glass.

Feeling sophisticated? Opt for the Peshwa (Bourbon, bitters, homemade cardamom syrup). And I’m not really a gin man but the Gulabi Ran (rose geranium gin, elderflower tonic, homemade rose syrup and petals) comes highly recommended by more refined palates than mine.

Bindas Eatery

Will it bankrupt me?

Amazingly for a Mayfair restaurant - well, sort of a Mayfair restaurant: it’s a two-minute walk from Oxford Circus - the answer is no, not even close! Main courses range between £9 - £15, and no side dish breaches a fiver. Even with a couple of cocktails (max £10), you’ll end up spending closer to £50 than £100 - and that’s in total. Venture down toward Green Park and you’ll find places that will charge you double that amount for an appetiser and sparkling water.

Anything else to note?

Bindas means free spirit and without inhibitions in Punjabi. So yes, clothing is optional. (This is a joke. Besides, it’s winter. You’d freeze.)

5 Princes St, W1B 2LQ; For more info, see Bindas Eatery.