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"I’m a nobody, man!" A day in Loughborough with Dillian Whyte

In the past few years, Dillian Whyte has gone from a self-confessed nobody to one of Britain’s most beloved fighters. Max Williams spends a day with the ‘King of South London’

"I want to write the history of the sport." How Jean-Éric Vergne went from hothead to champion

Reigning Formula E world champion Jean-Éric Vergne is driving his revolutionary sport into the mainstream. Max Williams meets a cool customer both on and off the track

Dan Bilzerian interview: the King of Instagram on Trump, money, and Presidential ambitions

With a social media following in the multi-millions – and a fortune to match – it’s fair to say that poker-playing, gun-toting Dan Bilzerian has made his mark on the world. But is there more to the man than meets the eye – and the ire of his critics? And where can he go from here? We visited Bilzerian’s Las Vegas home to meet the controversial King of Instagram

"I’m a Jedi on a mission. It’s different." How David Guetta invented modern music

He went from teaching himself to mix in his bedroom to co-creating some of the most successful records in history. But what happened in between? Superstar DJ David Guetta shares all...

Pachamama East serves up Chifa cuisine to Shoreditch

Chifa is one of modern Peru's most popular cuisines – and now it's coming to Shoreditch with Pachamama East's new menu

The ultimate Las Vegas sports weekend

Competition isn’t confined to poker tables in Las Vegas – the action in sporting arenas is massive news as well

The bar necessities: The Ned

We're giving you the lowdown on the best bars in and around the City – and you don't get much more City than The Ned and its Nickel Bar

My Style Essentials: Banx and Ranx

Music production duo Banx and Ranx share their plans to explore new territories, as well as their personal styles

"I woke up the next morning and I was like, ‘why is my Twitter blowing up?'" An audience with Bret Easton Ellis

He published his debut novel while still in college and watched it become the literary sensation of the 1980s. His third novel is merely the most notorious fictional work of the 20th century. Max Williams meets the man who gave the world American Psycho

Red Hot: a story of sex, drugs, and redheads

Thomas Knights founded Red Hot to fight the stereotype of the ginger male. The project went global – yet its creator couldn't escape his inner darkness...

My Style Essentials: Nathan Trent

Austrian-born singer-songwriter – and former Eurovision contestant – Nathan Trent talks us through his wardrobe

“I’m not The Guy. I’m the other guy.” Kevin Bacon: not The Guy but definitely The Man

Half a century ago, a kid walked into a cinema in Philadelphia and settled down to watch a film. Kevin Bacon tells Max Williams what happened next…

The best cocktail bars of Lower Manhattan

Upper Manhattan may be the preserve of the great and the good, but downtown is where the action's at. Next time you're in Lower Manhattan, these are the bars to visit...

My style essentials: Wauve

Singer, songwriter, producer... Wauve isn't just one of British music's brightest talents, the North Londoner is also one of the sharpest dressed

Brand watch: Walker Slater

Inspired by the Scottish Highlands, Walker Slater is updating tweed for the modern gentleman's wardrobe

Is the white T-shirt the coolest garment ever made?

Cool, you say? Sunspel’s iconic white T-shirts are what happens when a garment worn by James Dean meets a brand favoured by James Bond

"I've always been attracted to dark storytelling" – Anchuli Felicia King is a playwright for a digital age

Playwright Anchuli Felicia King is one of the most exciting young talents in world theatre. We sat down with the 25-year-old to discuss digital technology, cultural identities, and her play White Pearl – now playing at the Royal Court

Ananya Birla is the musical superstar fighting for mental health

At only 24, Ananya Birla has already made her mark on the music and business worlds, and now she’s using her influence to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health

My style essentials: Samm Henshaw

Samm Henshaw is tipped as a major musical talent, even being handpicked by James Bay and Chance the Rapper for tour support. The young South Londoner talks us through his wardrobe

Nush Cope is redefining the modern presenter

When Nush Cope decided to become a presenter, her first port of call was the internet – from contacting established TV personalities on Instagram to building her own digital following, she explains how she forged her future online. This is her story in her own words...