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The best cocktail bars of Lower Manhattan

Upper Manhattan may be the preserve of the great and the good, but downtown is where the action's at. Next time you're in Lower Manhattan, these are the bars to visit...

My style essentials: Wauve

Singer, songwriter, producer... Wauve isn't just one of British music's brightest talents, the North Londoner is also one of the sharpest dressed

Brand watch: Walker Slater

Inspired by the Scottish Highlands, Walker Slater is updating tweed for the modern gentleman's wardrobe

Is the white T-shirt the coolest garment ever made?

Cool, you say? Sunspel’s iconic white T-shirts are what happens when a garment worn by James Dean meets a brand favoured by James Bond

"I've always been attracted to dark storytelling" – Anchuli Felicia King is a playwright for a digital age

Playwright Anchuli Felicia King is one of the most exciting young talents in world theatre. We sat down with the 25-year-old to discuss digital technology, cultural identities, and her play White Pearl – now playing at the Royal Court

Ananya Birla is the musical superstar fighting for mental health

At only 24, Ananya Birla has already made her mark on the music and business worlds, and now she’s using her influence to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health

My style essentials: Samm Henshaw

Samm Henshaw is tipped as a major musical talent, even being handpicked by James Bay and Chance the Rapper for tour support. The young South Londoner talks us through his wardrobe

Nush Cope is redefining the modern presenter

When Nush Cope decided to become a presenter, her first port of call was the internet – from contacting established TV personalities on Instagram to building her own digital following, she explains how she forged her future online. This is her story in her own words...

Joivan Wade may soon rule the world (and this is a good thing)

Having built a huge online entertainment platform alongside an acting career, Joivan Wade is fulfilling his goals one by one. He tells Max Williams why real success will be helping others do the same

Orson Welles, be damned: Geneva offers a beautiful weekend trip

Ever since the famous Orson Welles monologue in The Third Man, Switzerland had a reputation for being a bit dull. A visit to Geneva forces you to reassess

The Bar Necessities: Oblix East

We're giving you the lowdown on the best bars in and around the City... First up, it's the highest of the lot – Oblix East at The Shard

Santo Remedio showcases Mexican food at its finest

Santo Remedio is bringing authentic Mexican food to London Bridge – and we should all be grateful

"Thinking about it makes me emotional" – The redemptive journey of Dave Allen

His gambling addiction forced him to take unwinnable fights. His weight has been ridiculed. His training camps are sabotaged by depressive episodes. Yet Dave Allen is still smiling…

Thor, Batman, James Bond – stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton has the coolest CV in Hollywood

Bobby Holland Hanton has appeared in the Star Wars and James Bond franchises, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Game of Thrones. Meet Chris Hemsworth's official stuntman...

"Fame wasn’t something I really wanted." How Joe Dempsie played the game (and won)

Actor Joe Dempsie never intended to step into the full glare of the fame spotlight – he just happened to land a role in one of the biggest TV series in the world. Ever. With the final season of Game of Thrones upon us, Max Williams meets a very humble heir to the Iron Throne

Al Dente serves up pitch-perfect pasta for your pleasure

Al Dente has a convincing case for offering the best pasta in London. It's handmade every morning, delivered across London, and no dish costs more than a tenner

"We shouldn’t be afraid to challenge..." Can Alexis Ffrench make classical music mainstream?

Classical musician Alexis Ffrench takes inspiration from the likes of Childish Gambino as much as Johann Sebastian Bach. We spoke to the man reinventing an old genre for a new age

COYA Angel Court brings the brunch party to the City

COYA Angel Court has launched an Amazonian party brunch every Saturday. Bottomless cocktails? There are worse ways to start a weekend...

My Style Essentials: Rein Langeveld

Model Rein Lanegveld is the face of Montblanc’s adventurous new fragrance, Explorer. Here he reveals what’s on his travel agenda, as well as his style list

"I want to be big" – Santino Le Saint is on the road to stardom

Musician Santino Le Saint is poised and ready to become a superstar, with nothing less than global fame in his sights, but he’ll get there in his own way. Max Williams meets an artist who is uncompromising in his quest for success